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Feb 06, 2008
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Palestinian Cleric Issa Badwan: The Mahdi Was Born in Palestine Four Years Ago; Muslim Conquest of Rome Is Imminent

#1708 | 02:40
Source: Al-Aqsa TV (Hamas/Gaza)

Following are excerpts from an interview with Palestinian cleric Issa Badwan, which aired on Al-Aqsa TV on February 6, 2008.

Issa Badwan: Someone who is well known and whom I trust – there is no need to mention his name - told me that four years ago, when he was driving his car, he saw an old woman, who stopped him and asked him to take her to hospital, so she could pick up her daughter, who had just given birth. He did her a favor and took her there, and waited for an hour at the entrance. The woman came out, with her daughter and grandson, and when they got into the car, the baby started talking, and said: "Peace and Allah's mercy upon you." They greeted him back.

Interviewer: The newborn baby?

Issa Badwan: Yes, the baby. The baby said... This is what the man told me, and we reported this to Sheik Nizar and to the Islamic Scholars Association... The newborn baby said: "I am the man who will be killed [sic] by the Antichrist, who will not rule over anyone again." According to the Prophet's hadith, this man [the Mahdi] would be 18-20 years old. These are good tidings.

Of course, the coming of the Antichrist will be preceded by the conquests of Rome in Italy, and Constantinople, like the Prophet told us. These places will be conquered only by the righteous Mahdi. The Mahdi is from Palestine, as conveyed by Mu'adh bin Jabal, Sa'd bin Abi Waqqas, and Abdullah bin Mas'ud, who were all great imams and scholars.

Interviewer: Is anyone following what’s going on with this child?

Issa Badwan: Yes, now his identity is known, and the brothers follow and take good care of him. I would like to convey to the people, as well as to the scholars, that these are times of victory, with the grace of Allah, that the promised Mahdi lives among us, that the people of Palestine will be the standard bearers, who will carry this religion forth and spread its guidance and light.

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