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Aug 28, 2011
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Palestinian Authority TV Report Honors Family of Palestinian Terrorist 'Amer Abu Sarhan, Serving Three Life Sentences for Stabbing Three Israelis to Death in 1990

#3093 | 02:19
Source: Palestinian Authority TV

Following are excerpts from a report by Palestinian Authority TV honoring Palestinian terrorist 'Amer Abu Sarhan, who is serving three life sentences in an Israeli prison after stabbing three people to death in Jerusalem in October 1990. The report aired on August 28, 2011.

Reporter: Welcome, dear viewers, to this special program, dedicated to the hero fighter 'Amer Abu Sarhan, from Al-Abidiya.


Footage of reporter entering home of 'Amer Abu Sarhan's family and being greeted by family members


Footage of reporter shaking hands with Bethlehem Governor Abdel-Fattah Hamaiel


Footage of Bethlehem Governor Abdel-Fattah Hamaiel sitting in the house and talking to the men of the family


Reporter: Let us welcome the honorable Governor of Bethlehem, Abdel-Fattah Hamaiel.

Abdel-Fattah Hamaiel: I would like to salute you and Palestinian Authority TV, which – and I say this in all humility – is conveying a very important national, humane, and moral message, at a time when we are all too familiar with the tyranny and oppression of the occupier, which takes its toll on all human aspects of life.

On a different matter, I am pleased to be here, the home of the parents of the hero prisoner, 'Amer Abu Sarhan...

Reporter: They are the parents of the martyr Faisal as well.

Abdel-Fattah Hamaiel: Right. We hold 'Amer in high esteem, and through you, would like to convey to him, and to all his courageous, heroic, and steadfast fellow prisoners, and to all the glorious women held in the prisons of the occupation... We would like to convey to them our salutations, appreciation, and pride.


Reporter: What does the picture of your uncle on your shirt mean to you?

Young nephew Leith: I am proud of my uncle because he is a hero. He is standing here next to the Al-Aqsa Mosque, and we remember him.


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