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Jul 29, 2013
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In Palestinian Authority TV Film, Palestinian Factions Unite to Beat Jewish Settlers, Cut Their Sidelocks

#3932 | 06:10
Source: Palestinian Authority TV

Following are excerpts from a film depicting clashes between Jewish settlers and Palestinians, which aired on Palestinian Authority TV on July 29, 2013:

Palestinian shepherd is sitting with his goats and singing

Leader of the settlers: I want to cause them some trouble now. If you see anything [you like], take it. If you see a man, beat him up. If you see a car – cause it trouble. I want you to give trouble to the entire village, got it?

Group of settlers: Okay.

Leader of the settlers: Don't talk back to me. Do what I say, got it?

Group of settlers: Okay.

Leader of the settlers: Whether you see men, women, or children – beat them up. Don't talk to me. Don't even look at me, okay?

Group of settlers: Okay.

Leader of the settlers: Let's go.

Gun-toting settler: Bro, that's one big donkey.

Leader of the settlers: Fine, take it, but not now.

Group of settlers approach Palestinian shepherd and herd

Leader of the settlers: Get out of here!

Shepherd: I don't understand. What have I done to you?

Leader of the settlers: Get out of here, I'm telling you.

Shepherd: ...I don't understand anything...

Leader of the settlers (in Arabic) : I'm telling you to go away.

Shepherd: Where am I supposed to go? The goats are out here.

Leader of the settlers: Listen, dude, there are no goats today.

The group of settlers start beating the shepherd up threatening him with weapons

A Palestinian man runs to a house and bangs on the door, the door opens and a youth walks out

Palestinian youth: What's going on? Don't bring me bad news.

Other Palestinian man: The settlers have attacked Khalaf and are trying to take his goats.

Palestinian youth: Quickly, go to Abu Ali. Tell him to call all the men to help Khalaf. Quickly.

A group of Palestinians, waving flags, approach the settlers and the shepherd, they start to throw stones at the settlers

Palestinian youth: Stop it!

Leader of the settlers: Arabs. Arabs.

The settlers open fire at the Palestinians, who duck, the settlers leave the wounded shepherd


Palestinian youth: Listen, guys, we need to join forces. There is strength in unity, right?

Group of Palestinian youth: Yes.

Palestinian youth: When the Prophet Muhammad went on a raid, he united all the forces. The Prophet Muhammad is our role model. He knew that with united forces, we would definitely be victorious. Besides, Allah said in the Koran and the hadith that we must be united. Am I right, or what?

Group of Palestinian youth: Right.


Palestinian youth: We must go together as one. We will teach these settlers, who attacked our brother Khalaf, a lesson. They must not understand that they cannot stay here. When we send a young child with a herd to the mountain, we must protect him, so that he is not attacked. Got it?

Listen, Abu Yassin [symbolizing Hamas, representing its former leader Sheik Ahmad Yassin], get your people ready, and we'll meet in the village center. Abu Yasser [symbolizing PLO, representing its former leader Yasser Arafat], bring your men and meet Abu Yassin in the village center. The same goes for you, Abu Ali [symbolizing the PFLP, representing its former leader Abu Ali Moustafa]. Let's go.


The group of settlers in pinning the shepherd to the ground, one of them is about to hit him over the head with a pick-ax, suddenly a large group of Palestinians carrying flags of the various Palestianians factions approach them on top of a hill

Palestinian: Say: "Allah Akbar."

Palestinians: Allah Akbar.

The settlers abandon their weapons and duck and cover their heads with their hands. They are grabbed by the Palestinians. The shepherd gets up and runs away.

The settler children run away, and the other settlers are beaten by Palestinians, including the shepherd, who cuts off the side-locks of the settler he is beating.

Title: "When the colors [of the flags] are united, homelands are liberated.

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