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Aug 19, 2014
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Palestinian Author Jihad Al-Rajabi: Blood of Mujahideen Makes Gaza Soil More Fertile

#4475 | 01:23
Source: Yarmouk TV (Jordan)

In a TV interview, Palestinian author Jihad Al-Rajabi extolled the Jihad in Gaza, saying that the children of Gaza should be raised on Jihad ideology. The lemon trees there "have been irrigated with the blood of mujahideen and martyrdom-seekers," which "makes the land and soil more fertile," she said in the interview, which aired on the Jordanian Yarmouk TV channel on August 19, 2014.

Following is an excerpt:

Jihad Al-Rajabi: I say to the people of Gaza that they should raise their children on Jihad ideology. They should tell their children: Eat, so that you will become strong and can fight the Israeli enemy. They should burn the midnight oil and invest all that is dear to them, in order to bring the others down to their knees. They should sacrifice all this for the sake of this pure soil, which we irrigate with the blood of the martyrs.

I once visited Jabal Al-Rais, which played a decisive role in the battles between the people of Gaza and Israel. Whoever controls Jabal Al-Raise controls the battlefield. I tasted the lemons there, and felt their nectar and their scent. The trees there are heavy with fruit.

So I say: Oh Arabs, oh Muslims, if you want the Lord to provide for you, wage Jihad with your blood, because blood makes the land and soil more fertile. If you want to see trees heavy with fruit, go to Jabal Al-Rais and look at the lemon trees, which have been irrigated with the blood of mujahideen and martyrdom-seekers.


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