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Oct 04, 2019
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U.K.-Based Palestinian Academic Azzam Al-Tamimi: Only a Regional Movement Can Dismantle Zionist Regime; Arab Spring Revolutions Will Succeed; “Palestinians Do Not Use Bullets”

#7703 | 03:55
Source: The Internet - "Islam21c on YouTube"

Muslim-Brotherhood affiliated Palestinian author and academic Azzam Al-Tamimi, the founder of the London-based Al-Hiwar TV channel, said in an interview on Islam21c's Unscripted podcast that the concept of a territorial nation-state is one of the main causes of the decline of the Muslim nation and that the individual Arab states have to cease existing in their current form. He said that the Arab Spring revolutions will eventually succeed in uniting the Arab people and liberating Palestine. Al-Tamimi also said that the most antisemitic people in the world are supporters of Zionism, who he said support Israel in order to get rid of the Jews, and Christian Zionists, who he said believe that the Messiah will come and kill the Jews or force them to convert to Christianity when all the Jews are gathered in the Promised Land. Adding that the Palestinians cannot overthrow Israel on their own and that Israel must be dismantled by a large regional trend, he said that there can be no peace with people who believe they have a divine right to steal Palestinian land and homes. Al-Tamimi added that "Palestinians do not use bullets" and that they are non-violent. He continued to say that "it's just that some of them believe that the majority of Zionist Jews will never treat them as equal citizens, so they say it's futile. Actually, time has proven them to be right." The interview was uploaded to the YouTube channel of Islam21c, a pro-Muslim Brotherhood media organization, on October 4, 2019. Azzam Al-Tamimi has publicly expressed support for Hamas.



Azzam Al-Tamimi: "The territorial states in its present form is one of the main causes of the decline of the ummah. And it has to go.




"If you give the Arab peoples their freedom in Egypt, in Tunisia, in Libya, in Yemen, in Syria, in Iraq, elsewhere in the region, probably one of the first things they would want to do is remove the borders.




"We are approaching that point. We are definitely approaching. We saw the first round of great Arab revolutions in 2011, and now we are seeing the sign of the second round. Algeria, Sudan, and now Egypt... probably this will extend elsewhere. Eventually the revolutions will succeed, and eventually the Arabs will be united. And this is the way that Palestine will be liberated. So long as these regimes exist, so long as the partition continues, Israel will continue to enjoy security and stability.




"The most antisemitic people today in the world are the supporters of Zionism."




Interviewer: "Antisemitism and Zionism do go hand in hand if you're not Jewish because they want to get rid of the Jews."


Azzam Al-Tamimi: "Yes."


Interviewer: "And they say, 'Okay, we'll deport you... we'll help you get out of this..."


Azzam Al-Tamimi: "Yes, this is what Christian Zionism is about. Christian Zionism is the most antisemitic trend in the world.




"They believe that unless all Jews were sent back to their, to the land promised to them, their Messiah would not come. And then what comes, what happens if their Messiah comes? Of course there will never be a Messiah. It's all nonsense. But what if, let's assume a Messiah comes. What will happen? They believe that he will kill the Jews or force them to become Christians. Can there be anything more antisemitic than this?




"Our problem in Palestine is not with the Jews. It's with Zionism, which is a racist ideology, which is a colonial tool used in order to serve the interests of colonial powers.




"The apartheid regime in South Africa came to the conclusion that it was not possible to continue the way they did. They decided that all people who live in South Africa are equal citizens, whether they are black or white, one man, one vote, and let's live in peace and let's coexist. If the Zionists come to this conclusion, which means the dismantlement of the Zionist ideology, we have no problem. That will be the beginning of a peaceful settlement of the problem. But we cannot make peace with people who claim that God gave them the divine right to take my mother's house and my father's land and to establish themselves there while I'm not allowed to go back.




"This system cannot be undone by a minority population that is being persecuted, that is under duress. This racist regime of Zionist Israel will have to be dismantled by a much bigger change in the region."




Interviewer: "You side more along the spectrum of ballot versus bullet."


Azzam Al-Tamimi: "There are no bullets. The Palestinians we are talking about in 1948, they don't use bullets. They don't use violence. It's just that some of them believe that the majority Zionists Jews will not ever treat them as equal citizens, so they say it's futile. And actually time has proven them to be right somehow."

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