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Feb 04, 2023
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Palestinian Author Aziz Al-Assa: Jewish Fighters Who Carried Out Brutal Massacres During The Nakba Were Trained In Nazi Germany As Part Of Agreement With Nazi Government

#10150 | 00:55
Source: Palestinian Authority TV

Palestinian author and researcher Aziz Al-Assa said in a February 4, 2023 show on Palestine TV that the Jews who carried out "brutal massacres" during the Nakba were able to do so cold-heartedly and without any humanity because they had received training in Nazi Germany. He elaborated that the Zionists had agreed with the Nazi government that young male Jews be released from concentration camps to undergo military training, while the older Jews be left to die in the camps.

Aziz Al-Assa: "Many of the Jewish fighters during the Nakba came from Germany. They were raised there. By the way, they were trained there. They underwent training so that when they would come here, they would perpetrate brutal massacres without feeling a thing, without bringing their humanity into play.


"The Zionist movement reached an agreement with the German government that it would take the young Jews from the [concentration] camps, train them and prepare them, while ignoring the old people. They said that if the old people died, it would not be a problem."

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