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Jul 19, 2018
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Palestinian Author Adham Sharkawi: Europeans Supported Jewish State to Get Rid of Jews, Hitler Was Influenced by the Jews' Attempt to Enslave Germany

#6775 | 01:43
Source: Al-Istiqama TV (Oman)

Palestinian author Adham Sharkawi was interviewed on Al-Istiqama TV network from Oman. During the interview, he said that according to Islam, the Jews will return to Palestine "in droves, so that they could be killed and slaughtered." Sharkawi said that the Europeans supported the establishment of a Jewish state in Palestine to "get rid of the Jews," and added that Hitler's ideology was influenced by the Jews' "attempt to enslave the German people." The interview aired on July 19, 2018.

Following are excerpts:


Adham Sharkawi: When Allah revealed the Al-Isra chapter of the Quran, He decreed that those Jews would come to Palestine. [The Quran says] that Allah would bring them in droves, so that they could be killed and slaughtered. This is our faith.




The Europeans supported the Jewish [state] for two reasons: First of all, they wanted to get rid of the Jews, who were causing trouble everywhere, just like they did in Medina in the days of the Prophet Muhammad. The Jews were greedy and wanted money. I don’t agree with Hitler, I’m merely describing things. Part of Hitler’s [hatred] of the Jews… He did not have an Islamic background, but he had been influenced by their attempt to enslave the German people.

Interviewer: This seems to be what he had experienced.

Adham Sharkawi:  This was his experience, but it was for real. Even now they own the money, they own the media, and all these things, so Hitler’s personal life had an impact on the development of his ideas. But if it were merely a personal experience, the majority of the German people would not have embraced this idea. So the Europeans [supported the Jewish state] for two reasons: The first reason is that they wanted to get rid of the Jews, and the second is that they believed like Trump and the neocons today, that the Messiah will not come unless the Jews establish a state in Palestine, and build the temple.

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