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Jun 14, 2022
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Palestinian Political Analyst Zaid Al-Ayoubi: Hamas Threw Fatah Members Off Rooftops, Stores Explosives In Densely Populated Areas; Both Iran And The Muslim Brotherhood Are Complicit In The Crimes Of Hamas

#9636 | 01:58
Source: Al-Awda TV (PA)

In a June 14, 2022 show on Awda TV (Palestinian Authority), Palestinian lawyer and political analyst Zaid Al-Ayoubi criticized Hamas for turning its weapons against the Palestinian people, saying that many of its crimes against the Palestinians, such as the violent 2007 overthrow of Fatah in the Gaza Strip, cannot be forgotten. He observed that Hamas is supported both by Iran and by the Muslim Brotherhood, who he said are complicit in Hamas's crimes. Al-Ayoubi also expressed support for the "pure" Palestinian weapons that are used against the Israeli "occupation."

Zaid Al-Ayoubi: "Should we forget that [Hamas] cut off the feet [of victims during the 2007 takeover of Gaza], or that it threw [Fatah members] off rooftops, or that it stores explosives under densely populated neighborhoods and markets, where all you could see was… "

Host: " – Right, as well as their attacks against women…"

Al-Ayoubi: "And against [Fatah] fighters...


"There are two agendas in the region – the agenda of the mullahs in Tehran and that of the Muslim Brotherhood. Hamas is connected to both, I am sad to say. [Iran and the MB] support Hamas and sow destruction in Arab lands. They have destroyed Egypt, Libya, Syria, and Iraq.

"[Iran and the MB] who slaughter our people in those countries support Hamas in Gaza and in Palestine. They are complicit in the crimes that Hamas has been committing against the Palestinians ever since their takeover [in 2007] to this very day. They are the ones who are giving [Hamas] money, and they are the ones who are giving them weapons under the pretext of 'resistance.'

'"But these weapons were turned against the Palestinians, I am sad to say. The weapons that fight the occupation are pure, and all of us endorse them. We will protect these pure, 100%-Palestinian weapons with our blood. But weapons that are turned against the Palestinians, kill our children, and strive to bring us to our knees are the weapons of highway robbers and mercenaries. We cannot call [these weapons] 'weapons of resistance' – that would be an insult to the resistance."

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