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Aug 08, 2017
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Palestinian Ambassador to Turkey Faed Mustafa: Israel Extorts Germany, Looks Down on It

#6177 | 02:01
Source: TRT Arabic (Turkey)

The Ambassador of Palestine to Turkey Faed Mustafa said that Germany still has a guilt complex toward Israel because of the Holocaust and that the Israelis "excel at extorting Germany and at keeping it under the Israeli thumb." Asked by the Turkish TRT TV channel about German policy regarding the Palestinian issue, Mustafa said that Israel "looks down on Germany." The interview aired on August 8.


Interviewer: "Germany was one of the countries that played a direct role in establishing Israel on the land of occupied Palestine, as it exploited the so-called "Jewish Holocaust" in order to find an alternative homeland for the Jews. For Europe, this was an opportunity to get rid of them. My question is: What do you think about German policy regarding the Palestinian issue?"


Faed Mustafa:"We are constantly striving to develop our relations with Germany, given Germany's economic, demographic, and political standing in Europe. But we see that Germany has not yet freed itself from its guilt complex over its role in the Holocaust. We also see how the Israelis excel at extorting Germany, and at keeping it under the Israeli thumb. Whenever Germany tries to become free, and to formulate a foreign policy of its own, they raise this issue anew. Thus, Germany has remained a prisoner of that issue to this very day. I would even go further and say that I feel that Israel looks down on Germany. We saw this last April, when the German foreign minister visited Israel. He had a scheduled meeting with Prime Minister Netanyahu, and prior to that, he had a meeting with representatives of Israeli NGOs. Netanyahu cancelled his meeting in protest against this step. Germany did not dare to say what it should have said to the Israelis, with regard to that condescending conduct."

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