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Sep 27, 2013
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Palestinian Ambassador to Libya: Members of PA Security Forces Carried Out Most of the Attacks in Second Intifada

#4015 | 01:24
Source: Al-Jazeera Network (Qatar)

Following are excerpts from a public address delivered by Mutawakkil Tahah, Palestinian ambassador to Libya, which aired on the Al-Jazeera network on September 27, 2013:

Mutawakkil Taha: Israel decided to gather the youth who had fought it in the first Intifada, and to organize them into security forces, showering them [with money], so that they would defend it, rather than Israel having to defend itself. But what really happened? When the 2000-2001 Intifada broke out, it turned out that 70% of the martyrs, and of the people who carried out attacks against the occupation, were members of the Palestinian security forces.

In other words, even when [Israel] establishes [our] security forces, these security forces remain patriotic and continue to fight the occupation. They will continue to serve as a wall defending the Palestinian spirit and the Palestinian interests.


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