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Nov 12, 2004
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Palestinian Ambassador in Iran: Arafat fought the Jihad and the Palestinian State is Our Plan

#347 | 01:37
Source: Al-Alam TV (Iran)
The following is an excerpt with an interview with Palestinian Ambassador in Tehran, Salah Al-Zawawi on Al-Alam TV (Iran):

This man knew that this path is the path of martyrdom and Jihad He knew that this great cause requires martyrs, not leaders. Who look after their personal future and not the nation's future. He fought the Jihad and we saw him in many battles. Sometimes he was right and sometimes he erred. And whenever he erred, we would tell him: this is a mistake And whenever he was right we would praise him. And now he is goneā€¦ If you ask me what will surely be the end of this Zionist entity, I will say to you that this entity will disappear one of these days. And its leaders, who can see what will be in the future, understand this. It's a matter of time. But we are not living in a jungle and we are not detached from what is going on in the world. We understand that the world is ruled by international forces, is ruled by international organizations We and the world's nations are subject to these organizations on many issues. We must adhere to the legitimate international decisions. Our phased plan, which I already mentioned, is to establish an independent sovereign Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital. As for deciding the conflict, that's a matter for history. It is up to the next generations. And whoever dreams of liberating Palestine tomorrow, he is indeed dreaming.

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