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May 16, 2021
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Palestinian Activist Mohammed Massad Calls On Israelis To Topple Hamas And The PA: You Have No Goal And Without A Goal You Will Never Be Right And Will Never Win

#8845 | 03:37
Source: The Internet - "Mohammed Massad on Facebook"

Palestinian activist Mohammed Massad said that Israel must set the goal of liberating Palestinians from the "occupation" of Hamas and the "dictatorship" of Mahmoud Abbas in order to reach peace and security for its citizens. He made his remarks in a Hebrew language video posted on his Facebook page on May 16, 2021. He said that the problems will not be solved until Israel sets a "parallel goal" of liberating the Palestinian people from its terrorist and corrupt leaders.

Mohammed Massad: "Israel's power is amazing and its unity is unprecedented, but, as always, you are not right, because you lack a goal. So long as your goal is other than liberating the Palestinian people from the occupation of Hamas and from the dictatorship of [Mahmoud] Abbas, you will never be right and you will never win. You set out to defend only your own citizens. Are we not human beings? Are we not under the occupation of Hamas? Are we not being killed in the streets on a daily basis, by the rule of Hamas and the dictatorship of Abbas? Guys, your war has no goal. I have listened to all your leaders, all the commanders of your military and security agencies, and all the pundits in the Israeli media – not a single one of them was talking about a solution. None of them knows what the solution is, because they do not dare to say to themselves what the cause is, and if you do not know the cause, you will never bring a solution. The cause is the corrupt dictator Mahmoud Abbas. The cause is the occupation by Hamas. Your only goal is to defend your own citizens. As long as you do not set a parallel goal of liberating the Palestinian people from these terrorists and corrupt [leaders], you will not win, we will have one round [of fighting] after another, and we will be stuck in this catastrophe forever. Liberate the Palestinian people from the dictator and from the terrorists.


"The problem started with the money that came from Mahmoud Abbas's Mukataa in Ramallah, through your own checkpoints, to Jerusalem. The incitement started with an order by Mahmoud Abbas. Do not tell lies – not to us and not to your own people. Place your finger on the problem, and you will realize the solution.


"Change your goals. Your number one goal should be the liberation of the Palestinian people from Abbas and from Hamas. If you do not accomplish this goal, you shall never have security or peace. Thank you."

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