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May 20, 2022
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Palestinian Activist Basel Mansour: We Should Free Our Prisoners By Kidnapping Israeli Soldiers; Our Rights Will Only Be Regained Through Force

#9582 | 01:41
Source: Palestinian Authority TV

Palestinian activist Basel Mansour said at a May 20, 2022 rally aired on Palestine TV that Palestinian prisoners from all factions should be freed on a "one for one" basis by kidnapping Israeli soldiers. He added that the Palestinians will only regain their rights through force.

Basel Mansour: "We will regain our rights only though force. There are multiple types of force. The battleground is wide. Great possibilities are available. No one prevents any resistance fighter from assuming a patriotic role in the struggle.


"The patriotic factions will not abandon their prisoners. On the contrary, we have a responsibility towards them. These factions are the ones who sent these fighters to fida'i operations on the battlefields of resistance.

"[The factions] must do everything in order to free them. We will not make do with rallies, marches, and appeals. Freeing the prisoners requires conviction, will, decisiveness, and possibilities. That is how the prisoners will be freed. We do not want to say that they were freed from prison only after their sentence is up.

"Freeing prisoners is done on a 'one for one' basis, by kidnapping [Israeli] soldiers. That is how our prisoners should be freed. And yes, our revolution and our people are capable of doing that!"

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