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Jul 15, 2022
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Palestinian Political Analyst Hassan Abdou: Gulf States May Suffer A Similar Fate As Ukraine For Allowing Israel To Come Close To Iran

#9741 | 01:10
Source: Palestine Today TV (Palestinian Islamic Jihad)

In a July 15, 2022 show on Palestine Today (Gaza), Palestinian commentator Hassan Abdou warned the Gulf countries that their fate may ultimately resemble that of Ukraine, since Iran might decide to retaliate against them for allowing America and Israel to "come close" to Iran. He explained that the Gulf countries may end up being "victims" of their own conduct in the same way that Ukraine became a victim of its own relationship with NATO.

Hassan Abdou: "There might be another Ukraine in the Gulf, as a result of mistakes like bringing Israel close to Iran, without taking into consideration a neighboring country the size of Iran. This may cause a vicious war, or at the very least it may harm the relations between these [Gulf] countries and Iran. Therefore, I think that what is happening now is a strategic mistake, and if the Arab countries — especially the Gulf countries — commit this mistake, they will become the victims of their own behavior, just like Ukraine became a victim of NATO. It is possible that the Gulf countries will become victims of the actions of America and Israel and their coming close to Iran."

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