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Jul 09, 2021
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Fatah Official Na'im Murrar Congratulates Muhammad Issa Steih Upon His Release From Israeli Prison: Our Released Prisoners Pledge To Continue On The Path Of Resistance, Rebellion, Armed Struggle

#8980 | 01:49
Source: Palestinian Authority TV

Fatah official Na'im Murrar congratulated Muhammad Issa Steih at a celebration in honor of his release from Israeli prison, saying that Palestinian prisoners leave prison and pledge to continue on the path of resistance and rebellion. The celebration was aired on Palestine TV on July 9, 2021. Murrar said that the Israelis want their prisons to become the cemeteries of the Palestinians, yet they turned them into "academies and factories producing real men." Murrar added that "the revolution will continue […], using all means of resistance, first and foremost of which is armed struggle." He said that the resistance will continue "until the last soldier or settler is driven out of these lands." Various online sources identify Muhammad Issah Steih as a participant in the 2000 Ramallah lynching of two IDF soldiers.

Na'im Murrar: "We are proud of our heroic prisoners. We express our pride and our happiness, first of all because of [Muhammad Issa Steih's] release and his breathing the air of freedom, and secondly, because as soon as our prisoners get out of prison, they visit the grave of the martyr Abu Ammar [Yasser Arafat], even before they meet their families. [They do so] in order to renew their pledge to him and to all the other martyrs – Abu Ammar, Ahmad Yassin, Abu Ali Mustafa, Ghassan Kanafani, [Fathi] Shaqaqi, and all their comrades - [they pledge] that all these years that they spent in the prisons of the occupation...

"The occupation wanted [the prisons] to be cemeteries for them, but they turned them into academies and factories producing real men. Prisoners leave prison in order to renew their pledge to the martyrs and to their fellow prisoners, [the pledge] that the resistance and the revolution will continue until the last soldier or settler is driven out of these lands. The revolution will continue with all the power that we have, using all means of resistance, first and foremost of which is armed struggle – as all international laws and treaties authorize us to do – as well as popular resistance, both peaceful and non-peaceful."

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