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Nov 26, 2023
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'Palestine 101' Course In Louisville Mosque, Lead By University Of Kentucky Research Fellow Ahmad Al Sayyad: Religious Jews Believe Non-Jews Exist To Serve Them; Israel Condemns Hamas As A Terrorist Organization For Killing Civilians, But Do The Same Thing; You Don't Have The Moral High Ground To Blame Hitler For What He Did; Senator Lindsey Graham Has No Humanity; Imam Yusuf Abu Zakariya: Over One Third Of The Jews In Palestine Are Not Descended From The Children Of Israel

#11235 | 03:35
Source: Online Platforms - "Louisville Alnur Mosque on YouTube"

In a series of classes, titled "Palestine 101 in-depth course," held in Alnur Mosque Islamic Center (AMIC) of Louisville, Kentucky, Dr. Yusuf Abou Zakariya, the Imam of the mosque said on November 26, 2023 that the Ashkenazi Jews, who account for more than one third of the Jews in Palestine, are not descendant s of the Children of Israel, but rather they are descendent from Turkish and Mongol tribes from central Asia that converted to Judaism.

In his classes on December 10, research fellow and junior neurosurgeon at the University of Louisville Ahmad El Sayyad, extoled Izz Al-Din Al-Qassam, the namesake of Hamas's military wing Al-Qassam Brigades, as a "notable leader" and whom "had a life full of wars, tension, Jihad." He later said that religious Jews consider non-Jews to be "goyim" who are meant to serve them. El Sayyad continued to claim that any justification for Israel killing civilians brings up the question, "what is the difference between you and Hitler, you and ISIS?" He continued to claim that Lindsey Graham has "no humanity." The course was posted on the YouTube page of the Louisville Alnur Mosque and Islamic Center.

It is worth noting that on October 7, 2023 El Sayyad added several posts on his Facebook page, celebrating the Al-Aqsa Flood operation, referring to it as "Jihad," and especially Hamas taking Israeli hostages, he compared this to the October 6, 1973 "victory." He shared videos and images of Hamas taking Israeli hostages.

Yusuf Abou Zakariya: "The Children of Israel, after the Babylonian and Roman [exiles], were scattered all over the earth. The Israeli [people], anybody who is nowadays truly Israeli, that he is descendant of Israel... If you look at the Eastern Jews, the Ashkenazi Jews – the non-Children of Israel – they are descendants of the Turkish and Mongol tribes that lived around the area there in the middle of Asia and later on they embraced Judaism, so the majority of them were not the Children of Israel, and now they account for more than one third of the Jews in Palestine.

"You have the Sephardic and Haredi Jews, some of whom lived in Europe and some lived in the Arabian countries, they all have their own languages and their own tradition. The Hebrew that is spoken nowadays is not the Hebrew that was spoken at the time of Moses."

Ahmad El Sayyad: "This man, his name is Izz-Al Din Al-Qassam. The Al-Qassam Brigades, if you heard about them – the military wing of Hamas, it was named after this man. He was a famous Muslim scholar, and he incited people to resist against occupation, and he kept telling the people of Palestine that. He was a notable leader and had a life full of wars, tension, jihad.

"The religious Jews have a particular interesting term, which is goyim, which is basically the non-Jewish people, and they look with disdain upon [them]. [They say that] their only purpose in this life is to serve them – the Jewish people. They are goyim and they should just serve us.

"You think that Hamas is a terrorist organization, based on what? On killing civilians. Okay. So killing civilians is [considered] terrorist attacks, right? But somehow, they will [say] 'If they kill us, it is a terrorist attack, but if we kill them, it is necessary and the end justifies the means.' And I swear to God, I have heard this numerous times. You know from who? From [Islamic] extremists and terrorists. Do you know what people hate more than a person who does bad things? A person who does bad things and tries to justify it.

"Like, what is the difference between you and Hitler, you and ISIS? If you don't have a moral code you are pretty much the same. For example, I am not appealing to Lindsey Graham's humanity – I doubt its existence, I don't think he has humanity in him. If you are going to be inconsistent, then you don't have the moral high ground to blame Hitler for example. Why was Hitler wrong?"

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