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Dec 18, 2014
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Pakistani TV Host and Former Minister Aamir Liaquat Husain: India Behind Peshawar School Terror Attack

#4701 | 04:23
Source: Geo News (Pakistan)

In a show aired on the Pakistani Geo TV channel, Dr. Aamir Liaquat Husain, TV host and former religious affairs minister, said that India - which he called a land of "idol worshippers" - "was the planner behind all this carnage and destruction."

Following are excerpts from the show, which aired on December 18, 2014.

Aamir LIaquat Husain: The world's best martyr will be the one killed by the [Taliban Kharijites], and the best human being will be the one who kills them. So I want to say to you loud and clear: India was the planner behind all this carnage and destruction. When the name [of India] is mentioned, our people's legs begin to tremble. India was the planner, and the soil of Afghanistan was used [to plan the Peshawar school attack].

Our intellectuals take a very apologetic attitude. They immediately start to spew their verbal support of India, saying: "How can India possibly be linked to this? The [Pakistani Taliban] call themselves Muslims, grow beards, and recite the Quran. Why would they be used by the [Indian] idol worshippers?"

Oh fools, if only you could think of anything other than wine and sexual debauchery. These [liberals] have their passports stamped with SAARC [Indian] visas, so that they can cross the Wagah border [from Pakistan into India]. If they had read the signs of the terrorist Kharijites, they would have known who the hellbound dogs of Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan really are.

33 signs of these criminals were revealed in the sacred hadiths. One of these is the following: "They will kill Muslims and spare the idol worshippers." The Prophet Muhammad said: "They will kill Muslims and spare the idol worshippers." This means that they will maintain a friendship with idol worshippers. Who lives in India? Idol worshippers. They will maintain a friendship with idol worshippers, carry out the conspiracies of the idol worshippers here, and kill Muslims.

The land of Afghanistan is being used, but the target is Pakistan. These Indians have not been able to digest Pakistan since [its establishment] in 1947. Whether you digest it or not, all of Pakistan will go up [your ass], and then you will understand.

Applause from the audience

Ever since 1947, they have not been able to digest [the existence of Pakistan]. They have a strange and unique hatred of Pakistan, because they think that Pakistan was created by cutting India in half. We did not create Pakistan by cutting you in half. Our half of India is left with you, and we will take it back. We did not create Pakistan by halving anything. [India] in its entirety is ours.


Allah be praised, I know how to speak the truth. Allah be praised. Allah, in His mercy, unleashed truth on my tongue. Here I have seen the people of prayer and piety. Their tongue are numb, and they are silent. They observe pragmatism. There is no pragmatism in Islam. Islam means to tell the truth. "Oh you who believe, fear Allah and speak the truth."

[The Pakistani religious leaders and intellectuals] are silent for the sake of India. Up India's [ass]!

Crowd member: Long live Pakistan!

Crowd: Long live Pakistan!


Aamir LIaquat Husain: We are told time and again that we have no evidence of [Indians] being involved in terrorist attacks in Pakistan. Do those dogs have evidence when they accuse us [of attacks in India]? We have the evidence, the hadith of the Prophet Muhammad, in which he clearly said that the [Taliban Kharijites] would kill the Muslims, and spare the idol worshippers. They are getting aid directly from India – weapons, power, and might – and to what objective? To cause lawlessness within Pakistan and to spread terror. These innocent children have begun to dread going to school.


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