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Dec 24, 2010
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Pakistani Comedian Saad Haroon Sings of "Burka Woman," Stirring Islamists by Mocking Conservative Garb

#3143 | 03:38
Source: The Internet

Following is the song "Burka Woman" by Pakistani comedian Saad Haroon, which was posted on the Internet on December 25, 2010:

Burka woman, in your black sheet,

burka woman, with your sexy feet,

burka woman…

My love for you – it grows,

every time I see your toes.

Nail polish!

Burka woman, with your kajol [i.e. khol] eyes,

burka woman, my mystery prize,

burka woman…

I will go home and practice flirtin'

with my living-room curtain.


Burka woman, I love you still,

come on and give me a thrill

show me your left nostril.

Burka woman, don't act estranged

burka woman, it's all arranged,

don't you know I came to see your daddy…

I can't find you,

turn on the light.

Don't be scared, baby,

it's our wedding night.

Burka woman, devoid of sin,

burka woman, my desi [i.e. indigenous] penguin,

burka woman…

You're the night, and I'm a star,

throw that star like a sexy ninja.

I guess I won't pull all my moves,

with your values you will refuse.

But wait, what do I see?!

"U R Sweetu, Darling"

Is she texting back to me?

She's texting back to me!

Burka woman…

"Burka Woman

Saad Haroon"

I will go home and practice flirtin'

with my living-room curtain.

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