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Apr 08, 2021
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Palestinian Authority TV Greets Released PFLP Terrorist Rushdi Abu Mokh And His Family With 'Pride, Glory, And Elation'

#8801 | 01:54
Source: Palestinian Authority TV

The host of a show on the Palestinian Authority's official broadcast greeted released PFLP terrorist Rushdi Abu Mokh and his family, saying: "We [...] bow our heads in humility before these luminaries." The show aired on April 8, 2021, upon the release of Abu Mokh after serving a 35-year sentence in an Israeli prison for his part in murdering IDF soldier Moshe Tamam in 1984. The show's host presented Abu Mokh as "one of the outstanding personalities of our nation." He stated that Abu Mokh's family is "a model of sacrifice, defiance, and patience." Abu Mokh was part of a PFLP cell comprised of Arab Israeli citizens which kidnapped Tamam, gouged his eyes out and castrated him, before shooting him to death.

Host: "And now, with pride, glory, dignity, and elation, but with humility as well, let us meet one of the outstanding people of our nation, and a family that is a model of sacrifice, defiance, and patience, the family of a prisoner who spent 35 years and 12 days in prison, Rushdi Saleh Abu Mokh, who is now in Baqa Al-Gharbiyye, together with the families of some prisoners.

"Rushdi Abu Mokh served his time in prison, down to the last minute. We are proud to be with Rushdi Abu Mokh today on Palestine TV, but we also bow our heads in humility before these luminaries who sacrificed many years of their lives in the dungeons of the occupation.

"From here, we say to everyone – the official institutions, our people, and the factions of our national endeavor: In all honesty, it is a disgrace for us all that our prisoners remain in the prisons of the occupation all these years. Rushdi Abu Mokh, welcome, as you roam about the land of Palestine, the land, which you sacrificed 35 years and 12 days in order to liberate."

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