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May 19, 2021
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Palestinian Representative To The Arab League Azzam Al-Ahmad: Nobody Helped Us Fight The Deal Of The Century; Jordanian Representative Khalil Attieh: The U.S. Conspired Against King Abdullah Because He Supported You

#8991 | 02:59
Source: The Internet - "Arab League on YouTube"

Fatah Central Committee member Azzam Al-Ahmad said that the Palestinians stood alone against the Deal of the Century and did not receive assistance from anyone else. He made these remarks in an emergency meeting of the Arab Parliament in wake of the Gaza fighting, and video of the meeting was posted on the Arab Parliament’s account on YouTube on May 19, 2021. Jordanian MP Khalil Attieh responded to this by saying that Jordanian King Abdullah II and the Jordanians should be thanked for their support of the Palestinians in thwarting the Deal of the Century. He added that the King paid the price for his support of the Palestinians, because a conspiracy against his rule was hatched for his stance on Jerusalem and the Deal of the Century. Upon hearing this, PA representative Al-Ahmad reiterated his previous statement that the Palestinians stood alone against the American Deal of the Century.

Azzam Al-Ahmad: "At the beginning, we listened to President Mahmoud Abbas' speech. The important speech that you heard outlined the current situation in Palestine, and all the developments since the accursed Deal of the Century, which the Palestinians managed to thwart all by themselves, with no assistance from anyone."


Khalil Attieh: "The beloved Palestinian representative said that the Palestinian people and their leader were all by themselves. I am telling you, my brother Azzam, that the Palestinians and their leaders were not alone. King Abdullah II faced a conspiracy by the Americans and some local people. [Azzam Al-Ahmad] knows that a conspiracy against the Jordanian regime was thwarted, a conspiracy that was hatched because of His Royal Highness King Abdullah's position regarding the Deal of the Century and Jerusalem. So the Palestinian people and their leaders, whose heroic position we respect and appreciate... But King Abdullah and the Jordanian people extended powerful support to them, and to this very day, they are paying a price for their support for the Palestinians, which is considered obligatory, and not a favor or an act of kindness. So brother Azzam, King Abdullah's position – for which the Chairman thanked him – is something he should be thanked for and appreciated for, and not something that should be taken for granted. Thank you."


Al-Ahmad: "I stand by every word I said. That is the truth. I hope that my brother Khalil will not misunderstand me. Even when I... I spoke about the Jordanian-Palestinian cohesion, and the cohesion between the Palestinian and Jordanian leaders. But the burden... The world is interacting with the Palestinian leaders. Even in the Arab League, Arab solidarity has suffered a blow, and I'd rather not going into details. There were negotiations which the Palestinian side. We completely severed our relations with the U.S. administration on May 19, 2019. When they froze the activities of the PLO office [in Washington DC], and we closed it.

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