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Jun 02, 2013
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PA Religious Affairs Minister Mahmoud Habbash: Hamas "More Dangerous Enemy" than Israeli Occupation

#3884 | 04:22
Source: Palestinian Authority TV

Following are excerpts from a Friday sermon delivered by PA Minister of Religious Endowments Mahmoud Habbash, which aired on Palestinian Authority TV on June 2, 2013:

Mahmoud Habbash: The external enemy is clear and has its obvious characteristics. It cannot disappear or hide. It declares its enmity loud and clear, and adopts clear and unambiguous hostile positions. The enemies of the Islamic nation are openly hostile, and they openly target it and terrorize it.

Our duty, which has been imposed upon the believers by Allah, is to respond to this external enemy, to confront it, to fight it, to oppose it, and to wage Jihad for the sake of Allah, in order to repel this enemy, which declares its enmity loud and clear.

[The Koran says]: "Fight, for the sake of Allah, those who fight you," and: "Permission [to fight] has been given to those who are being fought, because they were wronged." Many Koranic verses attest to this, as well as many hadiths conveyed by the Prophet Muhammad, and his conduct, his sunna, and his guidance. The Prophet Muhammad did not cease to confront the external enemy, using all forms of confrontation – whether political, economic, or military, using peaceful methods or through war.

The Prophet Muhammad taught us to confront this external enemy, using all possible forms of confrontation, and using any permitted resources, abilities, or means.


We are also confronting an internal enemy – what some people call a "fifth column" – which is conspiring against us. It may or may not be in direct contact or coordination with the external enemy, but at the end of the day, it serves the interest of that external enemy.

Brothers, our external enemy is the occupation. We have no other enemy. Our enemy is the occupation, which is occupying and plundering our land, occupying our homeland, violating our sanctities, detaining our sons, killing our people, dispersing our nation, chopping up our land into pieces. This is the enemy – pure and simple. We are in a state of enmity with the Israeli occupation.

We are not hostile to anyone because of their religion. We are not hostile to the Jews because they are Jews. This is not part of our religious obligations. Our religion does not accept that. But we are hostile to the occupation.


Gaza is part of this good, blessed land of Palestine. People like that liar [Fathi Hammad] want to sever Gaza from the body of Palestine, and turn it into an independent entity. By Allah, this is a more dangerous enemy to the Palestinian people than the external enemy. The external enemy is patently clear.


Hamas Interior Minister Fathi Hammad] has made himself a base despicable servant of the external enemy's goals and conspiracies. It is our duty to say so. "Oh Prophet Muhammad, wage Jihad against the infidels and the polytheists..." but not just Jihad. [Allah says]: "Be harsh upon them."


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