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Aug 18, 2020
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PA President Mahmoud Abbas: UAE Peace Treaty With Israel Is A Deception, A 'Stab In The Back Of The Palestinian Cause'

#8223 | 04:25
Source: Palestinian Authority TV

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas said in an August 18, 2020 speech that aired on Palestine TV that the entire world has supported the Palestinians by rejecting the legitimacy of the Deal of the Century. He said that the UAE has attempted to "delude the world" with its peace agreement with Israel by pretending that the Palestinian cause was limited only to the rejection of Israeli annexation plans. President Abbas also said that this peace agreement is a "deception" and a "stab in the back of the Palestinian cause."

Following are excerpts:


Mahmoud Abbas: "As you know, brothers, from the day that the U.S. announced the Deal of the Century up until this very day, the entire world stood with us and supported our position that the Deal of the Century contradicts international legitimacy, and that it is a unilateral decision. Therefore, they did not accept it – not Europe, not Canada, not Asia, not Japan, and so forth.




"Therefore, we are not worried about the nonsense that happens here and there, and especially in recent days, when a trilateral agreement between the UAE, Israel, and the U.S. was announced. This agreement is based on the normalization of relations between Israel and UAE. This is the basis and the purpose of this [agreement]. Then they added that they opposed [Israeli] annexation. They tried to delude the world that the UAE has achieved something great for us [Palestinians] by rejecting the annexation, as if the Palestinian cause was only about the issue of annexation. They ignored the rights of the Palestinian people, the Palestinian state, the two-state vision, and Jerusalem, which has already been annexed. They ignored all this and said: “We brought you [the suspension of] the annexation, so be happy, oh Palestinians!” This is a deception, and we completely reject this. We consider it a stab in the back of the Palestinian cause.




"Normalization [of relations with Israel] is an Arab issue, about which there was an agreement among all the Arabs and the Muslims. It has been agreed upon since 2002, in the framework of what was called “the Arab Peace Initiative,” which says that the Arabs can normalize their relations with Israel only after the Palestinian issue is resolved. So what happened to the “Arab Peace Initiative,” our Arab brothers, in case you still remember that there is such a thing? So it is all a deception, to tell you the truth.




"Therefore, we say to anyone who wants to talk about the Palestinian cause: You are not entrusted with the Palestinian cause. It is only us, the Palestinians here, who speak on behalf of the Palestinian cause, and sign any resolution in the name of the Palestinian cause. It is true that the Palestinian cause is an Arab and Islamic cause. You [Arabs and Muslims] have to help us and stand by us, not to take our place. Nobody can replace us. Those days are long gone. We will not return to the past."

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