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Jan 01, 2021
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Palestinian Authority Deputy Governor Of Tubas Ahmad As'ad: Our Path To Jerusalem Passes Through The Blood Of Martyrs; Normalization With Israel Is Void

#8628 | 02:45
Source: Palestinian Authority TV

Ahmad As'ad, the deputy governor of the Tubas Governorate of the Palestinian Authority, said in a public address that Fatah will continue to struggle against Israel and that it rejects the normalization of relations with it. The address was broadcasted on Palestine TV on January 1, 2021. He said that normalization with Israel is null and void, just like Islamic ruling rejects mut'a (pleasure) marriage. Asa'd said: "We are proud and honored" to belong to Fatah, the "sea of the blood of martyrs", of which two thirds of the members of the Central Committee have been martyred. He said: "Our path to Jerusalem is clear," and it passes through the blood of martyrs.

Ahmad As'ad: "The Palestinian Liberation Organization is a sea of martyrs' blood. We are proud and honored to belong to this [Fatah] movement, of whose Central Committee members two thirds were martyred, for the sake of Palestine and Jerusalem, alongside their comrades in arms, the [other] factions of the PLO. Fatah fired the first bullet, and then continued on its path with Abu Jihad, the first stone [thrown] at the First Intifada, and then the Second Intifada. The war with the occupation is still raging. We are people who do not leave their prisoners behind on the battlefield.


"The normalization [of relations with Israel], the attempt to turn against [the Palestinian cause], the annexation, as well as the declaration that Jerusalem is the capital city of the occupying state – we do not recognize all this. The blood of our martyrs has not and will never be spilled in vain. We will continue the struggle. We don't care so much about the rush [of some Arab countries] to normalize [relations with Israel]. It is like the mut'a [pleasure] marriage – void, according to all Islamic jurisprudents. 

"Our people have trailblazed its path with blood. Our path is clear. There can be no confusion about it. Our path is clear. It passes through the blood of martyrs. Our path to Jerusalem is clear, and there is no confusion about it. It passes through the grave of the martyr Yasser Arafat, the founder and teacher of this movement, which has and will stay the spearhead in the Arab-Israeli conflict.

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