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Nov 21, 2021
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Dr. Osama Abu Irshaid, Head Of American Muslims For Palestine: The U.S. May Collapse; Talking About Israeli Apartheid And Racism Helps Build Support For The Palestinians; The Uae Is Criminal, Financing Zionist Lobby

#9197 | 03:20
Source: Online Platforms - "Middle East Studies Center (Jordan) on Facebook"

Dr. Osama Abu Irshaid, the executive director of American Muslims for Palestine, said in a November 21, 2021 video that was uploaded to the Middle East Studies Center (Jordan) on Facebook that if the United States collapses – "a real issue that is on the agenda of the leading strategists in the U.S.," according to Irshaid – then Israel will not be able to survive longer than 20, 30, or 40 years. He also said that Native Americans, Africans, and Latinos can all relate to the “apartheid” in Israel, and that rhetoric about Israeli apartheid and racism is an opportunity to garner international support for the Palestinians. In addition, he criticized the "criminal" UAE, as well as "Arab countries financing the Zionist lobby so that it could target our work."

Osama Abu Irshaid: "I specialize in American studies. People are talking today about the possible collapse of the U.S. This is not just random talk – it is an academic discussion in the U.S. today.


"Today, this is not a mere philosophical question. This is a real issue that is on the agenda of the leading strategists in the U.S. – the possible collapse of the U.S. under its own weight.


"I am telling you, if you see the change that is taking place in the U.S., which is the teat from which Israel suckles...With all due respect to my colleague... Indeed, Israel has power of its own. There is no doubt about it.

"However, without Western support – American support in particular – it will not last 20, 30, or 40 years. That is impossible. It can defeat us for another 4, 10, or 15 years – and here we go back to the issue of strategic depth – but it cannot survive for all eternity.


"Today, when I talk about the apartheid in Palestine – for African-Americans in the U.S., this resonates with the apartheid that exists in America to this day.


"There is a clash today in the U.S., in the West, in Latin America, and all over the world. People see this and they do 'frame-bridging.' They say: 'This is exactly what happened to me.' There was a video that went viral on YouTube of a young girl who said to [an Israeli] settler: 'You are stealing my home.' The settler said to the girl: 'If I do not steal it, others will.' You have no idea how big an effect this has in the world, because Native Americans – the natives of that continent – see this as the same thing that happened to them. In Latin America, they see this as the same thing that happened to them, and so do the people of Africa. When we talk about apartheid and radical segregation, they say: 'We, Latinos in America, have the same experience.' Separating Latinos from their children at the [U.S.-Mexico] border... A lot can be said about this. We have many opportunities, if we use the proper rhetoric and if we develop it.


"Israel does not know how to confront us, so it accuses us of antisemitism and terrorism. If you say 'apartheid' – you are an antisemite. If you say 'Israeli terrorism' – you are an antisemite. If you say 'These people are occupying my land' – you are an antisemite. This is because they cannot win in a war of ideas.


"My discourse is one of social justice for everyone, regardless of religion or background. I do not support the genocide of Jews, or crushing the Jews, or converting the Jews to Islam. The people who turned themselves into enemies of humanity are the ones responsible for such distinctions. Our discourse is humanistic, or at least my discourse in the West, in Latin America, in Africa, in Europe or elsewhere – is humanistic.


"Arab reality is a disgrace, that is true. But by Allah, what do you make of Arab countries financing the Zionist lobby so that it could target our work? What do you say about this? It is documented.

"I am an American, sir, and I say that the UAE is criminal. I am saying this as an American, not as a Jordanian. I am an American, I have the right to say whatever I want. I am sorry, I said that I am American, Americans do not respect the [local] law."

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