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Dec 16, 2004
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Osama bin Laden in a New Audio Tape: Saudi Arabia Goverment Responsible for Lack of Security and Peace

#419 | 01:29
Source: Al-Jazeera Network (Qatar)

The following are excerpts from a speech by Al-Qa'ida leader, Osama bin Laden:

Bin Laden: There has been much talk in Saudi Arabia about the importance of security and peace, about the sanctity of the blood of Muslims and of foreigners protected [by the state], about the importance of harmony and unity, and the danger of division and conflict.

They have claimed that the mujahideen are responsible for what Saudi Arabia has come to. But the clear truth is that the responsibility lies with the regime, which has neglected the necessary conditions for maintaining security and protecting blood. Therefore, if we want to resolve the conflict in a manner that is true, practical, and in accordance with Islamic law, we must recognize its essence, its roots, and its scope. This conflict is partially local and internal, but in other respects, it is a conflict between global heresy and the apostates who are led today by the US on the one hand, and between the Islamic nation, headed by squads of mujahideen, on the other hand.

We are not talking about a ruler with some sinfulness or immorality, but about apostasy and collaboration with the infidels. Just as there is no difference between [Paul] Bremmer, the former American ruler in Baghdad, and 'Alawi, the current ruler, in implementing the American policy in Iraq - there is no difference between Bremmer and the other leaders in the region, in implementing the American policy.