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Oct 28, 2020
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Official Chinese Media Weighs In On U.S. Elections: America Is A Failed State, Its Democracy Is A Rich Man's Game Played At The People's Expense; U.S. Democracy Is to Blame For Gun Violence

#8410 | 02:15
Source: CGTN Network (China)

On October 29, 2020, an animated video titled "Partisan Politics Tear the U.S. Apart" was posted online by the official Chinese TV channel CGTN The narrator said that even Americans themselves say the U.S. is a failed state, and that its "so-called democracy" is a rich man's game played at the people's expense. He elaborated that America's party-based system makes the democracy exclusive to wealthy people, and he gave the example of the NRA's contributions to Trump's 2016 campaign, which he argued are the reason that Trump has not enacted any gun control measures. The narrator blamed gun violence and the shortcomings of the American healthcare system on democracy.

Narrator: "The United States promotes itself as a bastion of democracy. But even Americans admit the world's most developed democracy is a failed state. It is the American system that is to blame. Party politics is how democracy operates in the United States. It is designed to give different political viewpoints a stake in the country's future. But in reality, the battle for seats in Congress is making politics a weapon for selfish gains. As a result, a democracy designed for the people is operated at the people's expense. To gain an upper hand in a partisan fight, politicians vie for support from big business. As a result, a system designed to ensure American citizens' voices are heard become almost exclusive to the wealthy. Take the Trump administration's lack of action on gun control. From mass shootings in Texas to the bloody killings in Chicago, gun violence has long plagued the United States.


"Trump has repeatedly emphasized the importance of gun ownership rights enshrined in the Second Amendment, and thus been reluctant to sign stricter gun checks into law. But are gun ownership rights really behind Trump's decision? A look at Trump's connections with the National Rifle Association (NRA) suggests a different answer. According to the Federal Election Commission, the NRA spent more than 30 million U.S. dollars supporting Trump's 2016 campaign. The president cannot afford to offend his donors.


"Since its founding, the U.S. has been shouting democracy and declaring itself the bastion of it. But sadly, so-called democracy in America can be blamed for the country's rampant gun violence and the poor's helplessness in face of excessive medical bills. Democracy is designed for the people. But in the United States, it is a rich man's game played at the expense of most Americans."

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