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Oct 28, 2020
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Official Arabic-Language Chinese TV Commemorates 70 Years Since China Participated In Korean War: Our Position Has Not Changed In The Past 70 Years - The Door For Negotiations With The U.S. Is Open But We Are Ready For War

#8416 | 02:17
Source: CGTN Network (China)

"Mansour," a host on the Arabic-language CGTN Network (China), said on an October 29, 2020 show that China's participation in the Korean War 70 years ago had been a milestone in its history, and that China today stands resolute against America's threats just as it had 70 years ago. He emphasized that if the United States makes another strategic mistake like it did in the Korean War, China is ready to fight another war in order to defend its sovereignty and its interests. Mansour added: "Threatening the Chinese people will only lead to disastrous results."

Mansour: "A meeting commemorating the 70th anniversary of the war against the American aggression [in Korea], and the aid that the DPRK received from the Chinese volunteer army was held last Friday in Beijing. Seventy years ago, the new, one-year-old China, was not intimidated by the military threats of the most powerful country in the world. It was resolute in its decision to send its army to join the war in order to stop the spread of American imperialism, and in order to protect the world peace, human justice, and the newborn country, regardless of the huge disparity of power between the two sides. Its major victory in the war was a milestone in the rise of the Chinese nation.

"Today, the U.S. has renewed its strategy of competing with the superpowers. It has designated China as its main rival, and it has made comprehensive threats against China. China has taken a series of military and diplomatic measures in order to demonstrate to the U.S. its power and its resoluteness to defend its sovereignty, its security, and its developmental interests.


"China has commemorated with love the 70th anniversary of the war against the U.S. aggression and the aid for the Democratic Republic of Korea. This is a clear signal to the forces in the U.S. that are hostile to China that the war will not be forgotten, and that Western politicians must not err again like they did 70 years ago-— in choosing a strategy. They must not underestimate the willpower and resolve of the Chinese people.

"China's position has not changed from what it was 70 years ago, when faced with repeated provocations by the U.S. administration. The door for negotiations is open, yet [China] is ready for war. Threatening the Chinese people will only lead to disastrous results."

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