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Dec 31, 1969
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NYU Imam Hosts Rabbi of N.Y. LGBT Community, following Killing of Two Imams in Queens

#5658 | 01:21
Source: The Internet

In an August 19 Friday sermon, delivered at the Islamic Center of New York University, Imam Khalid Latif welcomed his "good friend and colleague" Rabbi Sharon Kleinbaum to join them in prayers. Latif said that Rabbi Kleinbaum, whom he described as "an amazing supporter of the Muslim community," had reached out to him following the recent shooting of two imams in Queens. He expressed hope that his congregation would pray for Allah to give her, her loved ones, and their community "only the best in this world and the next." Rabbi Kleinbaum is head of the Beit Simchat Torah congregation, which serves the LGBT community in New York City.


Following are excerpts



Imam Khalid Latif: I want to acknowledge a good friend and colleague who has joined us here today, Rabbi Sharon Kleinbaum, who is the head rabbi of New York City's well-known congregation Beit Simchat Torah. She reached out to me in the aftermath of the killing of the two imams in Queens, asking if she could be present here with us today at our jumu'ah prayer to show us solidarity, to show us support. Yesterday, she was one of many faith leaders who spoke at a press conference that was held at City Hall with elected officials, Muslim leaders from New York, and other faith leaders. She's been an amazing supporter of the Muslim community. So I hope that at the conclusion of the prayer, you all will be able to take some time just to thank her for being here, thank her for being the support of our community, and keep her and her loved ones and their entire community in your duaa as well that Allah gives to them, only the best in this world and the best in the next. But thank you rabbi for being with us here today.





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