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Aug 10, 2021
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Iraqi Al-Nujaba Movement Turkish Language Video: Erdoğan Is Sending Forces To Syria, Iraq, Libya In Order To Realize His Imperialist Ambitions – If Necessary, Al-Nujaba Might Be Compelled To Operate Militarily Inside Turkey

#9044 | 04:33
Source: The Internet - "N J Media"

On its Farsi website, Al-Nujaba released a video clip in Turkish, titled "Ultimatum". Over four minutes long, the video claimed that Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan is sending forces to Syria, Iraq, and even to Libya in an attempt to realize his imperialist ambitions, with no regard for the will of the Turkish people. The video urged the Turkish people to oppose Turkish policy. In the clip, Al-Nujaba stresses that it does not want to operate militarily in Turkey, hinting that it may be compelled to do so if Erdoğan does not change his policy. The video further asks whether the Turkish people have authorized Erdoğan to send Turkish Armed Forces to Syria, Iraq, and Libya. The video was posted on N J Media, a Telegram channel which supports the Shi'ite militias in Iraq. The video was shared with Hebrew, Arabic, and English subtitles on August 10, 2021.

Narrator: "Close your eyes for a moment. Imagine foreign forces roaming in Hakkari and Sirnak, or in Van and Diyarbakir. How does it feel to you? Anger... Exactly!

"This is the same feeling that the Iraqi people have concerning the Turkish army these days – an army that has gone to another country, not under the will of the Turkish people but rather under false pretenses and specifically because of the ambitions of a totalitarian ruler.

"Which do you prefer, a zero-tension policy with neighbors or a developmental strategy? Does the Justice and Development Party (AKP) have your permission to enter Iraq? Has the legitimate Syrian government asked the Erdogan government to be present in Idlib? Why should the blood of tens of Turkish soldiers be shed in Syria that did not attack you?! What was the benefit of inciting fratricide in Libya for a Turkish citizen in Istanbul or Konya? These are the questions that Turkish citizens have surely asked themselves over and over again.

"Turkish military forces are considered an occupying forces in Iraq today. We in the Al-Nujaba Islamic Resistance Movement do not like to fight against our Muslim brothers and neighbors in the Turkish army at all, but your rulers are taking the situation this way by occupation, abuse, and aggression.

"Turkey exports a large part of its goods to Iraq. Do you think that your economy will suffer if Turkish goods are banned in Iraq or economic ties are severed? At least do not let Erdogan weaken your economy!

"Erdogan's insistence on being present in neighboring countries and creating tensions in Syria and Iraq to divert from internal problems are gradually creating great tensions that can still be prevented!

"The days of empires are over. Respect for borders is the only way to prevent futile wars. The protection of national security in northern Iraq is not achieved through bombing and ground and air aggression. Cooperation and agreement between Ankara and Baghdad is the only way to deal with militants and terrorists in the Kurdistan region!

"As a popular resistance movement, we speak directly to the citizens, the media, and the parties of Turkey to stop Erdogan and his gang before it's too late. Do not let the experience of the coffins of the American occupiers be repeated for your children.

"We do not want to drag the conflict into your territory..."

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