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Nov 05, 2019
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Nuclear Physicist Dr. Hadi Issa Dalloul: Tehran University on the Verge of Producing Cancer Treatment that Will Make Cancer-Spreading Jewish Companies Go Bankrupt

#7588 | 01:05
Source: Mayadeen TV (Lebanon)

Nuclear physicist Dr. Hadi Issa Dalloul said in a November 5, 2019 interview on Mayadeen TV (Lebanon) that what the West really fears is Iran's technological and medical development. Dr. Dalloul said that the University of Tehran is on the verge of producing an alternative medicine for cancer that "will make Jewish companies that invest in chemotherapy and spread cancer go bankrupt." According to his Facebook bio, Dr. Dalloul resides in Isfahan, Iran, but in his Linkedin and Twitter accounts, he presents himself as the "Head of Inspection" in the "British Inspection Authority – Nuclear Division." He also states that he has studied at the University of Houston and at Imperial College in London.


Dr. Hadi Issa Dalloul: Allow me to raise an important point. Our problem with the West is not about nuclear weapons.

Interviewer: You are on the team that is following this issue...

Dr. Hadi Issa Dalloul: The Iranian issue in general. The issue is not about nuclear weapons. The problem with Iran is in two fields – military and technology. There is a military issue concerning the Zionist enemy – they are afraid that the civilian technologies and the Iranian capabilities will speed up the development of a defensive ballistic system. This constitutes a threat to the Zionists. The second issue is more critical and concerns medical technologies – more specifically the University of Tehran. Allah willing, I will soon announce that we are on the verge of being able to produce a cancer medicine that will serve as an alternative to chemotherapy. This means that the Jewish companies that invest in chemotherapy and spread cancer will go bankrupt.

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