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Jan 09, 2015
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Novelist Alaa Al-Aswani Criticizes Egyptian Regime for Human Rights Violations

#4774 | 01:41
Source: ON TV (Egypt)

In a TV interview, Egyptian novelist Alaa Al-Aswani said under the present regime, "people are facing military tribunals more than any time in the past," and that presenting dissenting views had led to "incredibly harsh attacks and curses" being leveled against him on Egyptian TV channels. The interview aired on the Egyptian ON TV channel on January 9, 2015.

Following are excerpts:

Alaa Al-Aswani: All that is happening today is just like in the Mubarak era. I'm sorry to say so, but the truth must be told. People are facing military tribunals more than any time in the past. The people languishing in prison today… Regardless of all the lies spread by the old-guard media outlets, there is no law in the world that can send a person to 4-15 years in prison for demonstrating without a permit. The war against terrorism is the war of us all, but these methods will not enable us to eliminate terrorism.

In order to do so, you must unite your home front, and this cannot be achieved without justice. Justice is essential. The horrifying media attacks, of which I myself was a victim… Anyone who presents a dissenting view… All I did was to present a dissenting view.

On the contrary, I supported the June 30 [revolution], on this very show. I took part in the June 30 [demonstration], but I have a different view about… I believe that the presidential elections did not comply with democratic standards, even though Al-Sisi would have won in any case. We had an opportunity to set a better example. That's my view. Incredibly harsh attacks and curses were leveled against me on Egyptian TV channels. I filed six complaints within six months, but they were not event considered.


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