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Dec 04, 2015
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NJ Imam Mohamed Moussa: U.S. Muslims Should Serve in Police, Military, FBI, CIA, Rather than Wait for Their Country to Serve Them

#5231 | 02:10
Source: Online Platforms

In a Friday sermon delivered at the North Hudson Islamic Educational Center in New Jersey, Sheikh Mohamed Moussa encouraged American Muslims to serve in law enforcement positions. "This is your country, and you are required to serve it," he said. "Join the police. Why not? Join the FBI. If the CIA will have you, join it." The sermon was posted on the Internet on December 4.


Following are excerpts:



Mohamed Moussa: I would like to talk about the concept of "social Jihad." What does "social Jihad" mean? It means that we should join all the charities around, and compete for all the jobs and positions out there. Our youths still ask us: Are we allowed to enlist to the [U.S.] army? Of course you are. This is your country, so why shouldn't you join the army? This army was created in order to protect you. You are a citizen here. Join the police. Why not? Join the FBI. If the CIA will have you, join it. There is nothing wrong with this.



These are the country's institutions. Law enforcement, jobs in education… Join whatever you can. This is your country, and you are required to serve it, rather than wait for it to serve you. Join all these organizations. Besides, a police officer from among our people will know the right way to treat our women and daughters. He is familiar with our culture. At least he's a Muslim.



One of our brothers was offered a position as a doctor in the Marines. He called to ask me if he should take the job. I said to him: Take it. Why shouldn't you?! He said: I'm afraid I might have to fight other Muslims. I said to him: You have nothing to worry about. The Muslims today are the ones whose armies are fighting. If you told me that you wanted to join the army of a certain country – I won't mention specific countries, in order to avoid politics… If that had been the case, I would have told you not to, because the Muslim countries are fighting one another. These are 90% of the wars today…



It reminds me of a joke about ISIS. Someone asked a guy from ISIS: "When will you fight Israel?" He answered: "When the Israelis convert to Islam." There is no dispute about it. The Muslims are fighting one another. Incidentally, even in the history of Muslim wars… I don't want to get you confused, but in 80% of the wars in Islam, Muslims fought Muslims.





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