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Aug 08, 2014
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New York Friday Sermon: U.S. Muslims Should Boycott Coca-Cola, Nestle

#4433 | 04:00
Source: Online Platforms

In a Friday sermon delivered in New York on August 8, 2014, activist Rami Kawas, who according to his Facebook page is youth director at The Muslim American Society's Brooklyn and Staten Island Subchapter, called for American Muslims to boycott companies that support Zionism. He enumerated Coca-Cola, Nestle, and the French company Danone, and said: "We will fight every corrupt leader and every corrupt government until the lands of the world are free." The sermon was posted on the Internet.


Following are excerpts:



Rami Kawas: What do we do today to free the land of Palestine? What is our narrative? What is our story? What can we do?






“Oh you who believe” – all of you – “it is prescribed upon you to fight.” I know there are informants in here. I know there ar people recording our sermon. I know there are a couple of Benedict Arnolds in the house.



But let’s make this clear: Muslims are obligated to fight – anybody, anywhere, anytime – for their justice and their freedom. There are no qualms about it. Our community and our religion tell us that any time there is a need to fight and resist occupation, oppression, injustice, crimes, murders, thieves, or criminals – we will fight. We have no qualms about it.



Our religion makes it very clear to us that our obligation is to resist whichever way we can. If our own hands have to do something, then we will do something about it. So it is very clear that Allah tells us that it is our obligation to resist oppression, tyranny, and occupation.



It is our narrative, it is our story, that we will fight every corrupt leader and every corrupt government until the lands of the world are free, and have justice from sea to sea, from mountain range to mountain range, from desert to desert, from forest to forest, from city to city, and from street to street.






It is, my brothers and sisters, our obligation to do whatever we can to help take away any money that goes to Zionist fundings. You can talk about hundreds of different companies. There are so many of them, from Coco-Cola, to Nestle, to Danone... It is our responsibility, as Muslims living in America in ease and comfort and bliss, that our Jihad – one of our Jihads – is that we don’t buy Israeli products.






As Muslim Americans, it is our job, it is our responsibility, to put a big dam, a wedge, between the illegal, terrorist Zionist movement and the free people of our country. People don’t realize how many billions of dollars are wasted from their own tax money – not going to their schools, their hospitals, their medical care bills... But that money goes to bombs dropped on Gaza, Syria, and Iraq, to an occupation of Afghanistan, sending billions of dollars to dictators, from Egypt to Saudi Arabia, to oppress their people. Our money is going to them, causing terrorism?!



Then the American people are given a load of garbage about: “We are fighting for our freedom around the world.” What kind of garbage is that?






If they say terrorists, we say resistance. If they say: “You guys are killing unjustly,” we say: “We are fighting.” This country was established on Patrick Henry’s word: “Give me liberty, or give me death.” The Gazan people are saying: “Give me liberty, or give me death.”






We don’t want peace in the land. We don’t want a peace process, changing the words: We don’t want a process of peace that brings more occupation. There is nothing left of Palestine except for crumbs on the map, through the peace process.






Don’t tell me that Israel is a democratic ally of this country that shares its values and morals, when it is an apartheid ethnic-cleansing state that oppresses not only Palestinians, but every race and every demographic other than the holy state of Israel.





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