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May 31, 2006
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New TV Host Maria Ma'louf and Executive Intelligence Review's Uwe Friesecke Discuss AIDS, SARS, Mad Cow Disease, and Avian Flu in the Context of the Jewish Exodus from Egypt

#1165 | 08:55
Source: Al-Jadid/New TV (Lebanon)

Following are excerpts from a discussion on the world's plagues, Jewish heritage, and American policies, which aired on NewTV on May 31, 2006.

TV Host Maria Ma'louf: Tell me what you read, and I will tell you who you are. When it comes to the Jews - tell me what appears in their ancient Torah, and I will tell you what is happening in the world today.

In the face of AIDS, SARS, anthrax, avian flu, and what is yet to come, it is useful to go back to the Old Testament, not in order to make accusations, but to inquire into the secret underlying the great similarity - even the identity - between the epidemics that have spread throughout the world and the secret of the Book of Exodus of the Old Testament, with regard to the confrontation between Jews and Egyptians, when the Hebrews turned the water of the Nile into blood, and contaminated the fish with a plague, which prevented the Egyptians from eating or drinking, and when armies of frogs, fleas, and flies invaded the Egyptian people - just like the millions of birds that we see suffocating today.

That day, all the cattle and sheep were stricken by plagues, just like Mad Cow Disease afflicted the peoples of the world today.

That day, God said to Moses - as always in the Old Testament - "Tomorrow I will bring locusts to Egypt, and they shall cover the earth, so that one will be unable to see it. The locusts will fill the homes of the Egyptians, eat their trees, and annihilate them" - just like the diseases and plagues that threaten the future of the world.

By whom? This is the question, and that is the issue - as Shakespeare said. Our viewers, you will be presented with the answer in this episode of "Without a Censor," titled: "After AIDS, anthrax, and Mad Cow Disease - avian flu, the hidden secret."


Script: "Without a Censor"


Maria Ma'louf: Fine, the first question is: It's predicted that the world's population will be ten billion in the year 2050. The United States is worried about this figure. That's why it is planning to reduce the population of Asia and Africa. Do you agree with this opinion?

Uwe Friesecke, Executive Intelligence Review: Well, not quite, because it's not in that way that the U.S., as a nation, does see this as a problem. But there is a certain political faction, of which representatives are in the U.S., but it's a global faction, which is interested in reducing the world population rather dramatically - that's true, but it's not a typically or specifically U.S.-only problem.

Maria Ma'louf: But you know, the war... by the war... the United States is guiding lots of war... the Korean war in the fifties, the wars in Vietnam, the Philippines, Indonesia, Central America, also the Gulf, and recently the war in Afghanistan and Iraq. How they participate in reducing the population by doing war, to... especially to the Arab world, if you want to talk about the Arab world.

Uwe Friesecke: Well, I mean, it is no question that the type of imperial policy that Vice-President Cheney, Defense Secretary Rumsfeld, and what is called the neo-con group in the U.S. represents, is a genocidal policy. There is no question about it. But remember, this is not just a policy that is represented by this part of the U.S. establishment. You have in Britain very strong supporters of this policy.


Maria Ma'louf: You are talking about the... Bush administration, or the neo-cons are involved in this murderous policy - that's what you want to say?

Uwe Friesecke: Yes, and I think that's very clear that the Iraq war...

Maria Ma'louf: Okay, if you go back to the United States in its foundation, we can recognize that there is assassination of the Red Indians and other people, as if it adopted an extermination policy that killed millions of people throughout history. In your opinion, what lies behind this story or this policy?


There is an aggressive background about the history of, let's say in general the United States, they are responsible... depends on which president or which period of government... They are responsible of many... Especially they didn't help in resolving the AIDS in Africa and the internal war - civil war - in many African and Asian countries. What about the diseases, the anthrax, the bird's flu, and other things, there is any comments from your... what did you read about it... Did you read something important about the United States and its... They are not helping in resolving this problem...

Uwe Friesecke: Well, you have to look at the African case in detail, and you're right, it's a disaster the way the AIDS epidemic is decimating - that is genocide in Africa, there's no question. Other diseases are genocide.


Maria Ma'louf: Killing by disease, and according to some analysts, it is easy for any country to spread diseases in another country. If you want to talk about the bird flu, it is reported that a sick doctor stayed in Metropolitan in Honk Kong. Consequently, all the residents got infected with this epidemic.

This is... Can we relate it to politic reason, and to this study or this memorandum of Kissinger? Is it a real fact of goaling or getting by Kissinger and his group, the objective that they put this memorandum for?


Uwe Friesecke: Among these people, at very high level, are very cynical people. Yes, there is the ideal if disease spreads, that's good for population control, or if there are wars, after all, that's good for population control. I give you one concrete example - at the height of the genocide in Rwanda in 1994, there was an editorial in the Wall Street Journal, which said: Well, unfortunately, people are dying, this war is bad, but, after all, it reduces population.


Maria Ma'louf: Mr. Uwe, at the end, going back to our subject and directly about the bird flu, the American policy is manipulating, also in the medicines... If we want to talk about... Donald Rumsfeld was probably a member in the board Gilead, the company that produced Tamiflu, the medicament for bird flu. It's also said that the ex-U.S. Secretary of State, George Shultz, is a member also in the Gilead board.

According to Fortune magazine, Gilead profits reach 7 million dollars in one year. How do you comment on this?

Uwe Friesecke: Well, it is clearly true that for these diseases there are means available to combat it. There is possible to produce medicine and help control these diseases, and there clearly are people in high positions controlling these companies, who prevent this for their own personal corrupt motives. That's clearly true, and there is only one way about it - we have to change policy dramatically in those power centers in the world, which would have the power to make sure that the necessary measures to control sicknesses are being taken. But it’s a much broader problem and question than just individual cases of corruption.

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