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Oct 19, 2006
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The New Middle East - Iranian TV Video

#1300 | 02:17
Source: IRINN TV (Iran)

Following are excerpts from an Iranian TV video, titled "The New Middle East", which aired on the Iranian news channel (IRINN) on October 19, 2006.

Girl: How come we are considered terrorists? You are the ones who bomb and harm Lebanon. You are destroying its beauty, its appeal, its land, its people, its happiness... And after all this, we are the terrorists?! A journalist once asked me: If they took you to see Condoleezza Rice, what would you say to her? I told the journalist that I would say to Condoleezza Rice: For me to be happy - you should be killed. Just these words.

Condoleezza Rice is shown playing the piano, followed by:

United States of America - U.S.A. - Presented

The New Middle East, Lebanon - 2006

Directed by: Israel

Production: George Bush

Location Manager: Ehud Olmert

Script Writing: Condoleezza Rice

Script Supervisor: Tzipi Livni

Art Director: Amir Peretz

Special Effects: Dan Halutz

Sponsored by The United Nations

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