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Jun 29, 2015
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New ISIS Video: The Reward for Jihad Is Doubled in the Month of Ramadhan

#4982 | 03:20
Source: Online Platforms

ISIS released a video titled "Life of Ribat in the Month of Jihad," in which it depicts the life of a Jihad fighter during the month of Ramadhan. "The reward for the good deed of Jihad is doubled in this great month," proclaims the video, posted on the Internet on June 29, 2015.

Following are excerpts:

Voice over: The Lord has commanded his servants to observe the fasting [of Ramadhan]. The vast majority of the Muslims have observed this [fast], obeying what the Lord has commanded them. The Lord has also commanded them to fight for His sake. But this command has been neglected by the vast majority of the Muslims. Only the mujahideen for the sake of Allah have observed both commands. May the month of fasting and Jihad bring blessing upon them.

"Life of Ribat in the Month of Jihad."

Images of ISIS military activity

The murabiteen for the sake of Allah on the Muslim frontlines live a life of complete happiness for having combined Jihad with fasting. The reward for the good deed of Jihad is doubled in this great month. The day of the murabit begins with breakfast. This brings a blessing, as the Prophet Muhammad said.


They stop eating when they hear the second call for prayer, in order to perform this collective prayer and to be at the hand of Allah. The murabit spends his morning praying and reading the Quran, as well as monitoring the movements of the enemies of Allah, in order to be ready for them. All the while, they do not cease asking for the Lord's forgiveness, and chanting: "There is no god but Allah" and "Allah Akbar."

They also initiate attacks on the posts of the enemy, so that it will enjoy no calm or stability.

The sun is about to set, so they send someone to watch for sundown. Meanwhile, they prepare the iftar meal. When they are told that the sun has set, they start eating, praying for Allah to accept their fasting and Jihad.

Images of the call for prayer


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