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Jan 01, 2010
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New Antisemitic Animated Film Vilifies the Palestinian Authority - PA Security Forces Help Stereotypical Blood-Drinking Jews

#2323 | 08:52
Source: Al-Aqsa TV (Hamas/Gaza)
hamas cartoon.doc

Following are excerpts from a Hamas TV anti-Semitic cartoon, which vilifies the PA. The cartoon aired on Al-Aqsa TV on January 1, 2010.

Title: “Required Vision” presents:

Israeli officer holds PA officer by the ear: If the resistance carries out even a single operation – do you know where you will go?

PA officer (Bahlool): To Tel Aviv?

Israeli officer: No, to hell.

Title: “Special Mission”

Signpost (partly written in blood): Security Coordination Headquarters, The Occupied West Bank

The signpost bears the Israeli flag in one corner, and in another the insignia of the Palestinian Authority. The camera zooms onto the PA officer’s beret, which bears the word “Dayton,” in reference to the Palestinian forces trained by US General Keith Dayton.

Singing: We swear that we will not be terrorized by Dayton.

You will leave, oh Dayton.

We swear that we will not be terrorized by Dayton.

The occupation will not enjoy the quiet.

Oh West Bank, persevere.

An Israeli soldier holds a marionette of Mahmoud Abbas, making him dance by pulling the strings.

Resistance is the path to glory.

Film director: Action.

Israeli officer: Are you ready, Bahlool [“buffoon”]?

Bahlool stands to attention: Ready.

Israeli officer: Yes, yes. Can you tell me what exactly is your mission?

Bahlool: My exact mission is to impose security and the rule of law.

Israeli officer: What does that mean? I don’t understand.

Bahlool: It means maintaining the security of the settlements in the West Bank.

Israeli officer: How would you respond to harassment by the settlers?

Bahlool: I would refrain from responding or annoying them, whatever the circumstances.

Israeli officer: Okay, if the Israeli army invades the cities of the West Bank, what would you do?

Bahlool: I would not interfere, and we are even ready to help.

Israeli officer: If a soldier like Gilad Shalit is kidnapped in your region...

Bahlool: No, no. Of course, sir, I will try to release him, even if it costs me my life. Next question...

Israeli officer: If you get orders to arrest your father or your uncle, would you do so?

Bahlool: Yes.

Israeli officer: What if you get orders to shoot your brother?

Bahlool: I will.

Israeli officer: And if you get orders to divorce your wife?

Bahlool: I will.

Israeli officer: What if you get orders to shine my boot?

Bahlool: I will shine it, and even kiss it.

Israeli officer: Shine it?

Bahlool: Yes, sir.

Bahlool takes off his beret and shines the Israeli officer’s boot with it.

Singing: Glory, glory, glory...

Glory, glory, glory...

Glory, glory, glory...

Israeli officer: Kiss it.

Bahlool: I am kissing it.

That was the king of all kisses.

Israeli officer: Well done, Bahlool.

Bahlool: Sir, you give the orders, and we carry them out.

Israeli officer: Okay. Tell me, what would you do to the resistance?

Bahlool: Resistance? I will shoot them. I will kill them. I will slaughter them. Slaughter, slaughter, slaughter, slaughter...

Israeli officer: How? I don’t understand.

Bahlool: If we join hands, sir – we will burn them all.

Israeli officer: But if we don’t join hands, and we leave you on your own – one on one [against the resistance]...

Bahlool: One on one, sir – we will finish them off in a jiffy. In a jiffy...

Israeli officer: In a jiffy, Abu Jiffy? [He uses the Arabic word ghalwa. This is a reference to an incident in which a Palestinian officer in Gaza promised Mahmoud Abbas that his forces could beat Hamas within a ghalwa, which literally means "the boiling of water". Following this incident, the officer, Said 'Athamna, became known as "Abu Ghalwa."]

Cut to a Jewish settler, brandishing a sub-machine gun, and his elderly father

Father: Son, the five most delicious things in the world are three...

Settler: I know.

Settler and his father: Palestinian blood.

Father: Go, son. Drink their blood, and come back safely.

Settler: I will do it for you, father.

Father: This is a map of Hebron. Take it. You may need it.

Settler: I will not need it, because I am not Gilad [Shalit], and the West Bank is not Gaza. Calm down. Shalom, father.

Father: Shalom, son.

The settler heads through the military checkpoint, firing his sub-machine gun. The wall bears a poster of Ahmed Qurei, with the words “Qurei’ Company for Building Materials.” This is a reference to accusations leveled against Ahmad Qurei', aka Abu Alaa, that his company supplied building materials to settlement activities.

Settler: I am getting loooooooost...

Israeli officer (to Bahlool): Go after him.

Bahlool: Yes, sir.

Israeli officer: Go get him!

Bahlool races after the settler, who is walking to Hebron, brandishing his sub-machine gun. The settler fires several rounds. When Bahlool arrives on the scene, there is a pile of Palestinian children lying in a pool of blood. A girl’s decapitated head lies next to a doll. The settler licks a drop of blood that escaped his lips.

Bahlool: Listen you... You Jew who got lost, you’ve killed my people before my eyes. I will respond with... more peace. Are you done?

Settler nods

Bahlool: Thank you very much.

Bahlool carries the settler back to the checkpost on his back, singing:

Salma, oh Salma, we’ve returned in one piece...

Bahlool deposits the settler at his front door

Thank God for your safe return.

Settler boots him out.

Israeli officer, with his arm around Bahlool’s shoulders: Do you see that house? There is a child who threw stones at the army yesterday. Will you let a terrorist Palestinian child throw stones at the Israeli army?

Bahlool: Of course not. I will teach him a lesson. To hell with that terrorist child who has broken the law.

Bahlool runs toward the house, dons a ski mask

Bahlool (to a fellow soldier): Raise your voice.

PA soldier: Turn yourself in. The house is surrounded.

Bahlool: Open the door, it is the Jews... ahhh, the PA.

Bahlool kicks the door in, then climbs through the window

Bahlool: The rule of the law has come for you, you enemies of the law.

Pastry seller passing by: Why are you jumping through the window, “keeper of the law”? Houses have doors.

Bahlool: Who are you?

Pastry seller: I’m the pastry seller, and the whole town knows me. Who are you?

Bahlool: Who am I? Who am I?! I am the Palestinian security forces. I don’t wear the colors of any political faction, of course.

Bahlool's pants fall down, revealing underwear in yellow – the color of Fatah

Pastry seller: But I know that the only ones who wear ski masks are the resistance and thieves. Are you from the resistance?

Bahlool: Resistance?! God forbid.

Pastry seller: So you must be a thief.

The pastry seller beats Bahlool

Bahlool: I hate pastries!

Bahlool climbs through the window into the house, emerges dragging a young boy, and throws him to the ground.

Young boy: What’s wrong with you man? The Jews broke my arm yesterday. It hurts me a lot, can’t you see?

Bahlool: Really? Show me.

Bahlool grabs the young boy by the neck

Bahlool: The Jews broke it, and I will finish it off.

Bahlool throws the boy to the ground, stomps on him, and bites his arm.

Young boy: Don’t do that. My arm hurts me.

Fear God, you Ramallah people. Stop it.

Bahlool: Throwing stones at the army, eh? You don’t want people to suspect you.

Young boy (now blindfolded): What’s wrong with you? I’m telling you that they killed my father and brother. Our house was destroyed by the wall, and you expect me not to throw stones?! Release me, man. Release me.

Bahlool: Go ahead, my dear. Fight. Nobody is stopping you from fighting. Taunts him. The Jews are right in front of you. Show us what you’re made of, hero.

Young boy: You don’t want me to fight?

I smell Jews. Are you going to turn me in to the Jews, man? You are no kin of mine. You are a spy.

To be continued

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