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Feb 05, 2016
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Netherlands-Based Preacher Rachid Nafi Takes on Moroccan Reality Show Starlet: She Threw Herself into the Arms of a Christian!

#5346 | 04:39
Source: The Internet

In a February 5 Friday sermon from the Hague, Moroccan preacher Rachid Nafi criticized men and women – especially women – who spend time in front of the mirror, trying to look pretty. Later in the sermon, Sheikh Nafi criticized Moroccan singer Hanane El Khadher and the warm welcome she had received upon her return from Lebanon, where she had participated in the Star Academy reality show. He accused her of throwing herself into the arms of a Christian during the show, and complained that nobody cares anymore about Moroccans who win prizes in international Quran contests.

Following are excerpts:

Sheikh Rachid Nafi: A woman might spend over half an hour in front of the mirror. I'm not exaggerating. It could be much longer. A man may spend a minute or two in front of the mirror. A minute or two – only God knows how long exactly – but women spend much longer. Why? In order to make our faces prettier, in order to make our faces more beautiful, and in order to clean our faces. Some people even spend large sums of money on a cosmetic operation to make them prettier. With the exception of a few, blessed by Allah, people are not content with the way Allah created them, and they try to modify it.


What is the goal behind all this? So that people will look at a woman's face, and describe her as a "beauty," as "lovely," and as "seductive." This is the language used by the depraved media. Oh, there are many depraved media outlets out there! All the depraved media cares about today is stardom. Now they even show us singing children [on reality shows]. As soon as they were done with the youth, they moved on to songs by children aged 10-12. Their songs "rock" the panel of judges, who vote for them unanimously. They "bedazzle" the panel of judges, and "bring them to tears."

I don't want to name names. This pulpit is too pure to be associated with those who the stars in the eyes of those people who refer to them as stars. This stardom has moved from football to the performing arts. I am afraid that the day will come when we hear about star preachers… That is a great catastrophe. Imagine that! A human being – male or female – spends most of his time in front of a mirror. Women even use creams, sterilizers, and cleansers sold in pharmacies, as well as cosmetics used to beautify their faces so people will look at them.

When do we ever beautify our hearts, into which the Creator looks? When do we ever beautify our hearts with monotheism? When do we ever cleanse our hearts of hypocrisy, corruption, and envy?


I was astounded when I read the newspapers yesterday. They wrote: "Huge crowds welcomed a young singer [Hanane El Khader], upon her return from Lebanon, where she honored Morocco by participating in the Star Academy [music reality show]." Star Academy. Stars. Stars. Starrrrrrrr Academy! All praise be to Allah! What has this Star Academy brought us? Moral depravity. Shamelessness. Hot kisses. This girl threw herself into the arms of a Christian! A Christian! But upon her return to our country, the masses salute her, and she is said to have honored our country.

Allah Akbar! This girl is all innocence, modesty, and purity. What is left of virtue, when today, people laud vice? What is left of it? How many young Moroccan men and women have won first place at international Quran festivals? Who cares about them? who writes about them? Who praises them? Who commends them? Do not expect anything from this "cardboard press." With the exception of a few blessed by Allah, it is garbage press. This press glorifies vice and artistic decay, completely ignoring who won top places in Quran competitions.