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Feb 27, 2022
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Nation Of Islam Leader Louis Farrakhan: The Ukraine-Russia War Will Be The Undoing Of Both America And Russia — White Power Must End; The COVID Vaccine Is A Death Plot; The Jews Are The Enemies Of Jesus, Trick People Into Sin

#9404 | 11:05
Source: Online Platforms - "OGMFG TV on YouTube"

On February 27, 2022, Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan delivered his annual Saviours' Day address, which was titled “The Swan Song.” The 4.5-hour address was streamed live on various platforms, and in it he discussed the COVID-19 vaccine, a Jewish plot against him, and the Ukraine-Russia war. He said that the Jews are the enemies of Jesus, that they trick people into sin, and that saying so is not antisemitic because it is written in the Bible. Farrakhan also claimed that the government had a plan to kill him that was meant to be carried out by his own people. He urged his audience not to take the COVID-19 vaccine because it is a "death plot" in line with the Kissinger Report, and he accused Bill and Melinda Gates of planning to use the vaccine to kill billions of people. In addition, he said that there is a “genocidal birth control plot” against blacks and that birth control is “poison.” Moreover, he said that President Biden is the “chief inviter for death” for blacks because he promotes the vaccine. Regarding the war between Russia and Ukraine, Farrakhan said that it was divine retribution against both America and Russia, adding: “[America] can’t win another war. Russia, this will be your undoing, too. You see all white power has to end.”

Louis Farrakhan: "How many of you have the friendship of Jews or the hatred of Jews? Where you can't even say a kind word about me, and you gotta answer to them. Isn't it in the book of John that people got afraid to say anything good about Jesus because the Jews jumped on him? That's what they did to Nick Cannon, that's what they did to others that said they love Farrakhan.

"The enemies of Jesus were Jews. That's not anti-Semitism, I didn't write the Bible... And they were gentiles too. But it was the Jews who had received so much from God in the way of knowledge. And then they turned away from God and used the skills and wisdom that God gave them to trick people into sin. So now, Satan has to be exposed.


"And now I really want the Jewish people to hear me. I really want you to understand, prophets of God are not your enemies, but they are your correctors. Don't tell me that you were so arrogant that God can't send somebody to correct you. And some of you are scared of people of power, but God don't give a damn about that. And he'll punish you or me if I have a mission and all of the sudden I get terrified because the people I'm sent to warn them and correct them, they might kill me.

"One thing you should know, you're going to die anyway. And some of you are dying faster than you should... By the way you live. So don't be angry with me, I'm gonna die too but it ain't now. It ain't now. So don't come here crying over Farrakhan, 'I ain't gonna see him no more.' Yeah for a while I'll be out of your sight, for a while. I'm gonna tell you about it.

"The enemy don't want me to go where I'm going, and neither do the hypocrites. So there's a death plot, hatched by the government to be carried out by my own people.


"See if you hate me that much, that you want me dead, sing, because it's your song now. If you want death for me the Angel of Death is already on your ass.


"I told you all, don't take that vaccine. Wait a minute. Before the vaccine was made, I warned us in the name of Allah that this was a death plot. And before I went there, I told you of a national security memo by the former Secretary of State, Kissinger. That they had to kill or comb two to three billion people from the earth. And Gates and Melinda. The way to get rid of two to three billion people was to offer you a vaccine.


"Do you know how long they have been working on black people in a genocidal, birth control plot and plan? Look at all the devices they got for your sex drive, intrauterine device, diaphragm, pill. These are poisons, and our wonderful president is the chief inviter to death for you. His voice got soft, 'take the shot, take the shot.' I mean old Biden laid it out there, then he got mad, 'y'all interfering with us, with that negative talk,' they took me off of all of my platforms.

"They said I was saying bad things, by defending my position against inoculation.


"The nation of Islam is on the opposite side of the government of the United States of America.


"And we let you know: God would not be just to allow America to escape for what America has done. Not only to us and to the Mexicans and to the Indians, but to people around the world. Putin, now you're out there baby. No, excuse me. Mr. President, you're out there. And look at what's happening, I don't know who's winning because I'm not aware, but they tell me the Ukrainians are fighting back.

"And if the Ukrainians are fighting back, you're feeling it. Otherwise, why would you call Zelensky? Call him a Nazi, and others say 'no no he's not a Nazi, he's Jewish.' Zelensky said he's not giving up, you're gonna pay a price. And you feel strong, but look at how God takes the Ukrainian people and shamed you, big bad Russia. You should have never come at them like that, so now you're feeling some heat inside your own house, but you're not gonna stop.

"I told President Trump, I said 'you're not gonna repent, so God is gonna have to slap you down.'


"America, the final call has been issued. For 40 years, the paper is out and now, judgement is coming down in full. So the Messenger said, 'Europe will be one of the worst war areas of all the world.'

"You can't win another war, Russia this will be your undoing too. You see, all white power has to end."

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