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Aug 31, 2021
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Fatah Official Nashat Al-Wahidi On Palestine TV: Israeli Merchants Harvest Organs From The Bodies Of Palestinian Martyrs, Sell Their Skeletons To Israeli Medical Schools

#9075 | 01:28
Source: Palestinian Authority TV

Nashat Al-Wahidi, the spokesman for Fatah's Commission for Martyrs, Prisoners and Wounded, said that Israeli merchants harvest the organs of "martyred" Palestinians who are buried in Israel, and sell them to be transplanted into Israeli soldiers and "settlers." He made his remarks in a public address that aired on Palestine TV on August 31, 2021. Al-Wahidi said that Palestinian "martyrs," whose bodies are held by Israel, are buried in shallow graves and are exposed to the elements, and that Israeli merchants steal their bodies and skeletons, in order to sell them to Israeli medical schools for research.

Nashat Al-Wahidi: "[The graves of Palestinian 'martyrs' in Israel] are merely pits, 70-80 centimeters deep. This exposes the bodies of the martyrs that are buried there in a humiliating way to torrential rain, as the occupying state claims sometimes, or to the theft of organs from those pure bodies by Israeli merchants, or the theft of the bodies and their sale to Israeli medical schools by Israeli merchants. They sell the skeletons to Israeli medical schools, or, as I said, they steal organs and sell them or transplant them in the bodies of sick Israeli settlers or soldiers."

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