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Dec 06, 2021
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Iraqi Tribal Leader Mzahim Ahmed Alhwait: It Is Permissible To Rape The Wives Of ISIS Members; We Will Do To Them What They Did To Us; International Human Rights Organizations Help ISIS

#9244 | 01:49
Source: Alrabiaa TV (Iraq)

Mzahim Ahmed Alhwait, the spokesman of Nineveh's Arab tribes, in a December 6, 2021 show on Alrabiaa TV (Iraq) that he was the first person to issue a "tribal fatwa" that permitted Muslims, Yazidis, and Christians to rape the wives of ISIS members. When the show's host said that he could face charges by an international court for such human rights violations, Alhwait said: "We will do to them what they did to us." He responded that human rights organizations support ISIS, and that their reports are skewed against the Peshmerga and the PMU, and thus in favor of ISIS. Alhwait said: "They make these accusations, and the outcome is that those ISIS members are in control."

Mzahim Ahmed Alhwait: "I was the first one to issue a tribal fatwa that permits the raping of ISIS members’ wives by Muslims, Yazidis, and Christians."

Interviewer: "Sheikh Mzahim, what kind of statement is this? This would be a violation of the law, as well as human rights. You are a [respected] sheikh, and this is the 21st century. What is this talk?"

Alhwait: "There is no law. We will do to them what they did to us."

Interviewer: "Fine, but you are not a judge..."

Alhwait: "Yesterday and today, the Peshmerga sacrificed martyrs, and so did the PMU, but the Iraqi government..."

Interviewer: "You will face a trial in an international court for saying this."

Alhwait: "The Ministry of Migration and Displacement allowed the families of ISIS members from the Al-Hawl Camp to enter Mosul."

Interviewer: "Human rights organizations and groups that deal with domestic violence will prosecute you in an international court."

Alhwait: "The human rights organizations are the ones who support those ISIS members. By Allah, in the western provinces [of Iraq], the international organizations are the ones writing reports that so-and-so was... The Peshmerga and the PMU fought ISIS and arrested their members, and now their families are saying: 'Our children are innocent. The Peshmerga and PMU abducted and killed them.' Then [the international organizations] report all this and write that the PMU are loyal to Iran. They make these accusations and the outcome is that those ISIS members are in control."

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