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Jul 22, 2016
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Muslim Mob Attacks Copts in a Beni Suef Village in Egypt following Rumor about Church Construction

#5589 | 02:04
Source: The Internet

A video, which was posted on YouTube on July 22 and and which circulated on social media, shows a Muslim mob throwing stones at families in the village of Saft Al-Kharsa in the Beni Suef governorate. The video was shot from the balcony of one of the Coptic families. According to reports, the attacks followed the Friday sermons at the local mosques and were instigated by rumors that Copts had converted their homes into churches. albawaba.com reported that the tension started when security forces apprehended Ishaq Fahim, a Copt whose home was used as a church since the nearest church is in another village, 10 km away. The security forces warned Fahim against using his home as a church. Following the attacks, Fahim was arrested along with the Muslim rioters, and the security forces demanded that he sign a commitment that he would not turn his home into a church.

Following are excerpts

Copt girl on a balcony: Mama, I'm afraid.

Voice of mother: Don't be afraid.

Be careful. Get inside, my daughter. Get inside.

Riot scenes on the street below, scenes are filmed from behind shutters on the balcony


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