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Oct 17, 2020
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TV Host On Turkey-Based Muslim Brotherhood TV Channel Mohamed Abdelbaky Following French Teacher's Murder: Freedom Of Speech Should Not Include Offending Prophet Muhammad, Islam

#8370 | 02:31
Source: Channel 9/Qanat TV (Turkey)

On an October 17, 2020 show on Channel 9 (Turkey), Egyptian TV host Mohamed Abdelbaky discussed the recent beheading of a history teacher, Samuel Paty, in France for having shown his class cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad. Abdelbaky harshly criticized French President Emmanuel Macron, saying that he "offended" the Muslims by describing the beheading as an act of Islamic terrorism. Abdelbaky criticized French authorities for killing the murderer instead of arresting, interrogating, and trying him to find out the "truth." Claiming that Macron only seeks to prove that Muslims are terrorists, Abdelbaky said that freedom of expression in France should not include speech that is blasphemous against Islam. He also questioned why Paty had been showing cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad in the first place. Channel 9 is one of several Arabic-language TV channels affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood that broadcast from Turkey.

Mohamed Abdelbaky: "A French teacher in a Paris junior high school exhibited cartoons that are offensive to the Prophet Muhammad. He enraged the Muslims, using the pretext of exercising freedom of speech. A week later, a young Muslim man of Chechen origins slaughtered that French teacher in the street. Consequently, the police shot and killed him on the spot, in one of Paris's suburbs. Macron showed up immediately on the scene, and he offended the Muslims, once again. He described this operation as 'Islamic terrorism,' and vowed to confront this darkness, in his words. Evoking the freedom of speech guaranteed by French law, Macron and his lackeys welcomed the offense against the Prophet Muhammad. However, with complete disregard of the law, they killed the Chechen boy on the spot without arresting and interrogating him, and without exploring the truth about who was behind him. Truth is not the goal here. Macron does not care about the truth. All Macron wants is to prove his hateful and provocative theory that Muslims are terrorists.


"There are many questions. Why did the French teacher provoke his students and the Muslims in general, by being offensive towards the Prophet Muhammad? Why wasn't the young man who killed the teacher arrested, so he could be interrogated and stand a public trial, in keeping with the law and the constitution? Why doesn't the French President draw a limit to this anarchistic (freedom of speech) law, which allows for the provoking of Muslims' sentiments and which ruins society? Reexamine the freedom [of speech] law, Macron. Draw a line for people who are blasphemous against Islam, just like you draw the line for people involved in so-called antisemitism. Then, apply the law to the attacker, rather than killing him."

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