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Nov 07, 2018
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Muslim Brotherhood TV following Midterms: What Kind of Culture Waits 229 Years To Elect A Hijab-Wearing Woman?

#6831 | 01:40
Source: Mekameleen TV (Egypt Muslim Brotherhood from Turkey)

Mohammed Naser, a host on the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood's Mekameleen TV, criticized the U.S. for waiting for 229 years before electing a hijab-wearing woman to Congress despite the nation's freedoms of movement, speech, assembly, life, and self-defense. Naser said that Rep. Ilhan Omar (MN) was elected to Congress regardless of President Trump's hatred of Somalis, and Muslims in general. He added: "Is this the Western civilization you love so much?" Naser's remarks aired on Mekameleen TV, which is a Turkey-based Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood channel, on November 7, 2018.

Following are excerpts:


Mohammed Naser: Ilhan Omar is the first hijab-wearing woman in U.S. history to be elected to Congress. For 229 years, since 1789, when the American founders wrote a document with 12 clauses – freedom of movement, freedom of life, the right to bear arms, freedom of speech, freedom of assembly… Yet for 229 years, the Americans did not elect a hijab-wearing woman to Congress.




Even though Trump hates the Somalis, as well as the fact that they are spreading in Minnesota, and even though he hates the Muslims in general… That girl – or rather, that woman – Ilhan Omar, who was born in 1982, won her seat in the House of Representatives, despite the will of Trump and all those who got him here – despite the will of the extremist American right in its entirety. But the question remains: What kind of civilization in this world waits 229 years before agreeing to let a hijab-wearing woman into Congress? What kind of culture does that nation have? Is that the Western civilization you love so much – a civilization that delays for 229 years before accepting the first hijab-wearing Muslim woman to Congress?

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