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Mar 11, 2022
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Muslim Brotherhood Scholar Dr. Yasser Al-Naggar: Muslims Are Allowed To Join Either Side Of The Russia-Ukraine War, In Order To Pit Them Against One Another; They Will Be Rewarded For Killing Infidels, Or Be Killed And Become Martyrs

#9434 | 02:25
Source: Mekameleen TV (Egypt Muslim Brotherhood from Turkey)

Turkey-based Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood scholar Dr. Yasser Al-Naggar discussed in a March 11, 2022 show that aired on Mekameleen TV (Turkey-based Egyptian MB) the perspective of Islamic law on Muslims joining the war between Ukraine and Russia in order to pit both sides against one another and kill infidels on both sides. He said that according to the opinion of Imam Ibn Hazm, it is a "good thing" for Muslims to join a war between infidels in order to make them fight against one another, because it brings destruction upon them. Dr. Al-Naggar also said that another scholar, Imam Ibn Hajar Al-Haytami, said that it is permitted for Muslims to join such a war in order to be rewarded for killing infidels or for dying as a martyr. He explained that Muslims can join one of the sides on the condition that they "elevate the word of Allah and inflict losses upon the infidels."

Yasser Al-Naggar: "Now in Russia and Ukraine, they are receiving help from Muslims in their fight against non-Muslims. Is this allow or not in the Islamic shari'a? A group of Islamic scholars say that if a Muslim joins non-Muslims in fighting other non-Muslims, and he can pit them against one another during the war more forcefully, to bring destruction upon them or whatever - this is allowed.

"This was the approach of Imam Ibn Hazm. He said: Both sides are combatant infidels. There are different types of infidels. We are talking about infidels who fight the Muslims. Now they are busy fighting one another. So if a Muslim can join the fray, and make them fight one another - is that allowed? A group of Islamic scholars, like Imam Ibn Hazm, say that if a Muslim can do this, then it is a good thing.


"[Imam Ibn Hajar Al-Haytami] was asked: Two groups of infidels are fighting one another. The first question is: Are we allowed to sit and watch them fight one another?


"The [second question] is whether we are allowed to join one of the two sides and fight the other side, or is this not allowed? This is the question that we are facing now.


"It should be taken into account that I am joining the fight with the intention of killing an infidel and being rewarded for that, or to be killed by an infidel and become a martyr. I have two options: To kill or to be killed. Is this intention of mine acceptable or not?"

Interviewer: "What did the imam say?"

Al-Naggar: "Imam Ibn Hajar said that there is no problem with just watching from the sidelines."

Interviewer: "So there is no problem with watching them fight one another."

Al-Naggar: "Right. Right. As for joining one of the two sides, he said that Muslims are allowed to fight against either side. And that they are allowed to support one side in its fight against the other, on the condition that you elevate the word of Allah, and inflict losses upon the infidels."

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