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Jun 20, 2017
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Muslim Brotherhood TV Host Mohammed Nasser: Rothschild Family Controls World Economy, Rose to Power Nefariously

#6868 | 05:41
Source: Mekameleen TV (Egypt Muslim Brotherhood from Turkey)

Mohammed Nasser, an Egyptian TV host on Mekameleen TV, one of the TV channels affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood broadcasting from Turkey, talked about the Rothschild family's alleged control of the world's economy. He said that Mayer Rothschild sent his five sons to take control of national economies in Europe by opening banks in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Great Britain, Italy, and France. Nasser also said that the men in the Rothschild family would only marry Jewish women from rich families in order to protect the family's racial purity and keep the money in the family. In addition, Nasser said that Rothschild bankrolled both sides in every war, including Napoleon's campaign to conquer Egypt, which "was a step towards occupying Palestine and handing it over to the Jews." He said that when England won the Battle of Waterloo, Rothschild's son Nathan, who ran the family bank in London, spread false rumors that the French had won the war in order to trick people into selling him their stocks for cheap. Nasser claimed that the Rothschild family owns 70% of the world's uranium and one third of its fresh water, as well as companies and industries like CNN, satellites, Hollywood, and pharmaceuticals. The show aired on June 20, 2017.

Following are excerpts:


Mohammed Naser: Rothschild had a very crazy dream. He expressed it himself when he said: “Let me control the money of all the nations.” He was not only dreaming of becoming the richest man in the world, but also of being the one controlling all the money in the world. That crazy idea led him to send his five sons to five different countries, which were among the strongest countries at the time. Each of the five sons was sent to establish a branch of their bank, and gain control over the economy of that country. Let’s see who those five were. The eldest son Amschel was made head of the bank’s branch in Frankfurt. The second son Solomon, or Suleiman, was sent to Vienna to establish a branch in Vienna and Switzerland. The smartest son, Nathan Rothschild, was sent to London. Carl was sent to establish a branch in Naples, Italy. The fifth son, James, was sent to establish a branch in Paris. Back then, these were the richest, biggest, and most important countries in the world. Rothschild’s dream of taking over the world’s money began with gaining control of the money of these five countries.


Mayer Rothschild also set some strict rules for his family, in order to protect its racial purity and its unity, and in order to keep the money within the family. One of Mayer’s rules was that the men of the family could only marry Jewish women. That’s not all. She had to be a Jewish woman from a rich family of high social status. The girls, however, could marry non-Jews, because it is the mother who passes her religion to the children, but her share of the inheritance is very small.




Rothschild volunteered to pay for Napoleon’s campaign against Egypt. This was a step towards occupying Palestine and handing it over to the Jews. Rothschild asked the builders of the Jewish ships, which were en route to the port of Genoa in Italy, to help build ships for the ;French’ navy, which was on its way to Egypt. Ultimately, however, the French campaign failed and Napoleon could not enter Acre. Napoleon found himself in a conflict with the Rothschilds. The conflict became crystal clear when Napoleon said: “When governments depend on banks to give them money, financiers are in control of things, not he leaders.” Napoleon paid the price for this statement when the Rothschilds cut off the supply and communication lines he used to command his troops fighting in Russia. In every war, the Rothschild family would bankroll both sides.




[Nathan Rothschild] had shares in the London Stock Exchange. At the time, the war between England and France was raging in the Battle of Waterloo. [Nathan] heard from the family branch in France that England had won the war. The next morning, he got up, put on some torn clothes, pretended to be miserable, and stood outside the London Stock Exchange selling his shares for next to nothing. When people saw this – they all knew who Nathan Rothschild was… They said to one another: Hurry, Nathan Rothschild is selling his shares… They all knew who he was and what connections he had. They said to themselves: That’s it. This means that England has lost the war. At that moment, Rothschild told his men to spread a rumor that France had won, and that the French would march on London within hours and trample it underfoot. Obviously, they all panicked and ran to sell their shares for nothing. Simultaneously, Rothschild’s men bought the stocks for pennies. A few hours later everybody learned that England had won, and they realized that khawaja Nathan had made a fool out of them. It was said at the time that he had made more than $6 billion in a matter of hours.




These were just short snippets from the history of the legendary family, which controls the world. It is said that this family owns half of the world’s riches, or at least 70% of the uranium reserves and one third of the fresh water. They control the price of gold, the World Bank, and most of the banks in the world, in addition to many companies like CNN, satellites, Hollywood, and pharmaceutical companies… The works.

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