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Aug 27, 2023
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Muslim-American Writer Daniel Haqiqatjou In Australia: If A Sheikh In The Arab World Or West Talks About A Certain Hadith On What Will Happen To Jews In The End Times, MEMRI Will Translate That Clip Into English To Make Islam Look Barbaric; Interfaith Projects Are An Attack On Islam, Muslims

#10463 | 02:05
Source: Online Platforms - "Hume Islamic Youth Center on YouTube"

Musim-American writer Daniel Haqiqatjou said in a lecture delivered at the Hume Islamic Youth Center in Melbourne, Australia and posted on the Center's YouTube channel on August 27, 2023 that interfaith projects are an "attack" against Islam and Muslims. He said that the Zionists train researchers to study Islamic texts and create "propaganda channels" such as MEMRI, which he accused of portraying Muslims as "barbaric" by publishing translating Islamic scholars who make statements that contradict "liberal sensibilities", such as references to the hadith about Muslims killing Jews on Judgement Day. In addition, he suggested that Muslims should similarly train "specialists" to study the religious texts of other religions in order to "counteract" interfaith efforts.

Daniel Haqiqatjou: "The interfaith project began in the Colonial period, and it is this idea of blurring he lines between disbelief and belief.


"This is clearly an attack on Islam, and attack on the Islamic nation.


"And you know that the Zionists have actually trained Zionists in the Arabic language, so that they can go and access these [Islamic] books. And they have created propaganda channels. Like, have you heard of the channel MEMRI? MEMRI, where they... These are Zionists...

"If a Sheikh in the Arab world or in the West says something that is contrary to liberal sensibilities, like: 'Oh, there is a certain hadith about wat will happen to Jews in the End of Times,' they are going to take that clip and they are going to translate it into English, and they are going to distribute it, [saying:] 'Look how barbaric the Muslims are. Look how barbaric Islam is because it contradicts liberalism.'


"Where is our effort too? Okay, you want to read our books, let's read your books. Let's see what you are teaching in your books, in the Old Testament, in the New Testament, in the Vedas, or your books of law? How about we do that kind of research? And then we will bring that all out, and judge, which religion is more rational and which religion is more moral.

"So this is an effort that needs to take place by specialists, and this will counteract the liberalization and interfaith efforts to a very great extent."

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