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Dec 25, 2009
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Munir Al-Maqdah, Head of Fatah Militia in Lebanon: In a Few Years, the Jewish State Will Be Driven Out of Palestine, and They Will Go to Hell

#2393 | 02:51
Source: ON TV (Egypt)

Following are excerpts from an interview with Munir Al-Maqdah, head of the Fatah militia in Lebanon, which aired on ON TV on December 25, 2009.

Munir Al-Maqdah: First of all, Fatah has not abandoned the armed struggle. So far, Fatah has not revoked its platform or its charter, which talks about the liberation of Palestine in its entirety.

Interviewer: This has not changed?

Munir Al-Maqdah: The Fatah convention was held in Bethlehem, under Israeli occupation, but Fatah adheres to the option of armed struggle, so long as there is Palestinian land under occupation, and a single Palestinian refugee remains away from his land and home.


I often leave the 'Ein Al-Hilweh camp, as part of my work for the sake of Palestine and the Palestinian people. I get out of 'Ein Al-Hilweh, and I meet with people. I have no problem. However, I cannot imagine myself ever passing through an Israeli checkpoint, except as a fighter with a gun in hand.

Interviewer: What about a martyrdom operation?

Munir Al-Maqdah: As a fighter.


Interviewer: Where have all the Palestinian weapons in Lebanon gone?

Munir Al-Maqdah: He said that he has given it to the resistance.

Interviewer: You mean brother Sultan Abu Al-'Einein?

Munir Al-Maqdah: He says that he gave it as a present to the resistance...

Interviewer: Which resistance?

Munir Al-Maqdah: To the Lebanese resistance. To Hizbullah.


Interviewer: On what weapons are we talking about – in terms of quality and quantity?

Munir Al-Maqdah: Both light and heavy weaponry.

Interviewer: By light, you mean rifles and sub-machine guns, pistols...

Munir Al-Maqdah: Yes, in addition to RPG's, Kalashnikovs, PKC machine guns, and anti-aircraft DShK machine guns.

Interviewer: What about the heavy weapons?

Munir Al-Maqdah: Anti-aircraft machine guns, 107 mm rockets, Korean mortars, and 106 mm cannons. These are the kinds of weapons we had.

Interviewer: In what quantities?

Munir Al-Maqdah: There were large quantities in Al-Rashidiya.

Interviewer: How much, more or less?

Munir Al-Maqdah: There were about 1,000 missiles.

Interviewer: 1,000 missiles?!

Munir Al-Maqdah: Yes. In Al-Rashidiya alone.

Interviewer: What about the rest?

Munir Al-Maqdah: There was enough for a whole army.


When I joined the Fatah movement, the oath we took was to liberate Palestine from the River to the Sea. Why should this be changed?


I am always optimistic. I can assure you that within a few years, you will see the beginning of the end of the Jewish state in Palestine. I swear that it will be driven out of the land of Palestine, and they will go to hell. Not into the sea. They would defile the sea if they entered it. Allah willing, they will go to hell.

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