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Sep 03, 2020
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Leader Of The Palestinian As-Sa'iqa Militant Faction Mu'in Hamed: Palestinians Have Taught The People Of The Gulf How To Read And Write; Iran Is Not Our Enemy, We Should Join Hands With It

#8264 | 03:45
Source: Palestinian Authority TV

Mu'in Hamed, the Secretary-General of As-Sa'iqa, a pro-Syria Palestinian faction, said in a September 3, 2020 conference of the leaders of 14 Palestinian factions, including Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, that it is Palestinians who have taught the people of the Gulf how to read and write. He added that the Palestinian factions should contact the 400,000 Palestinians living in the UAE so that they can play a role in dissuading other countries from following the UAE and signing deals with Israel. Hamed said that Iran is not the enemy of the Palestinians and that if an Intifada is needed, "so be it." The entire conference was aired on Palestine TV.

Mu'in Hamed: "We take the UAE and the countries that stand with it to task. We have the right to take them to task, because as the comrades here said, the Palestinian people have taken upon themselves to work towards advancing all the Gulf countries from 1948 to this very day. Everybody acknowledges that Palestinian workers are the best workers in the Gulf countries. [The Palestinians] taught them how to read and how to write how to drive... They taught them everything. Now that [the Gulf countries] have become a bit more powerful because Trump stands with them... [Trump] threatened them and said, "If we were to abandon you, you would not last more than a week." [Trump] is threatening them, and they are afraid. They are running after him, [saying]: '[We will give you] whatever you want. Do you want money? Take it. Do you want agreements?' What is this peace agreement that Trump signed with Netanyahu and the UAE? How should we confront those things? Since its establishment, the UAE has been afraid of the 400,000 Palestinians there, who can entirely change UAE society. Why shouldn't they play a role [in confronting the agreement]? Why shouldn't the [Palestinian] factions be in contact with [the Palestinians in the UAE], so that they can play an active role in dissuading any country from following the UAE [and signing an agreement with Israel]?


"Since when is Iran an enemy of the Gulf countries? Why are they hostile towards Iran? We thank Iran for its positions. At a time when they are facing economic problems, and the U.S. and the Gulf countries are pressuring them...An entire coalition is being formed in order to confront Iran and dissuade it from supporting the Palestinian cause. Has Iran become our enemy now?


"We are convinced that armed resistance scares Israel and its supporters.


"Brothers, we are in a difficult situation. Our cause is in danger. While it is true that our people are mighty and have faith in their cause, and they are prepared to shed their blood and make sacrifices for their cause, we also need a leadership that will assume responsibility for the people and lead them. If there is a need for an Intifada, so be it. If there is a need to increase our armed presence, so be it."

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