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Aug 09, 2005
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Movie Reveals Al-Qaeda's Fighting Techniques in Afghanistan (New Footage)

#804 | 03:59
Source: Al-Arabiya TV (Dubai/Saudi Arabia)

The following are excerpts from a film released by Al-Qaeda, which aired on Al-Arabiya TV on August 9, 2005.

Reporter: For people who followed the events of the Soviet-Afghan war in the early 1980s, pictures like this might recall the guerrilla war carried out against the former USSR by the Afghan factions, who earned the name - both in English and Arabic - "The Afghan mujahideen factions."

Even if the new scenario differs from the old one, because of the time that has passed, the international circumstances, and the identity of one of the sides - the place is still Afghanistan. The film, produced by Al-Qaeda's Al-Sahab Company and parts of which are aired exclusively by Al-Arabiya, reveals the increasing military capabilities of Al-Qaeda fighters, which started in Afghanistan, continued in Bosnia and Chechnya, and culminated in Iraq, and again in Afghanistan.

The military operation of the Al-Qaeda fighters begins here, with the plan to attack an American army base in the Kunar province in north-east Afghanistan.

Terrorist: The operation will begin with artillery, Allah willing. Based on our experience with the enemy, when the artillery shells the post, the enemy forces are sent outside the post to avoid as many casualties as possible. This is the first thing. But when they reach the place of the mujahideen, Allah willing, they will encounter the first squad, which will ambush them, Allah willing.

Reporter: All the weapons used in these operations - missiles, shells, and machine-guns - are Russian weapons from the first Afghan war. This suggests that the arsenal left behind from the previous war is sufficient for a new war.

In addition, the rear supply lines, by means of the Pakistani tribes that produce Soviet weapons, are considered a source of weapon supplies, in addition to the warlords, who own both the old and renewed stocks in the local and regional weapon markets.

The American weapons seem unfamiliar to the Al-Qaeda and Taliban fighters, as is apparent from these pictures or from the first stages of getting to know the new military technology.

Terrorist: It lights a laser beam to mark the target. It should be directed at the target, as you can see.

Reporter: Since this is a guerrilla war, the hit-and-run tactics and raids are used to cause maximum losses in both life and equipment. In other words, this is continuous attrition of regular armies' capabilities, through attacks and ambushes. This is clearly seen in this film, which documents an operation by Al-Qaeda, which is believed to have been carried out this April.

The explosive devices were prepared and then placed at night around the American base. Their purpose was to draw the American patrols into an ambush, which was a part of the military operation against the American base.

There is no doubt that the ability of dispersed armed squads to carry out such an attack raises many questions about the existence of safe places controlled by Al-Qaeda and Taliban fighters in Afghanistan, and about their ability to continue to recruit and to train new members, of different nationalities, who come from all over the world, to join a war that Al-Qaeda wants to promote as "the war of the oppressed."